11 tech invention that changed the world

Technologies have evolved a lot and made a huge impact while evolving, it’s hard to believe what was once a dream of some people now our everyday needs. Technology has changed our world made it a better place so let’s see some of 11 tech inventions that changed our world.

Voice assistant

The things about voice assistant is so good that we don’t really think of it as a huge thing now as it has been common and found in every device. But when started it was a huge thing, more famous than the talking dog the idea of controlling a machine with your voice was once a dream now a reality that we live in. Alexa, google assistant and many more voice assistant helps us live our lives better and making it easy.

Microcurrent Facial Machine

Many people may not know this by name and not really something you heard regularly. But hearing its use will for sure make you get surprised. The CRISPR in simple words used to cure many genetic diseases and had been used many times nowadays to cure and eliminate the cancer of some patients. You can check best microcurrent facial machines or buy directly from amazon.

Robot assistant

The things that make our work easier is gadget but this gadget can even replace us and it has been replacing us. The robots are used in some factories and on the battlefield already. They keep evolving them with new features and making them better and better, and with time it will really just going to get better and better. You can imagine terminator getting alive after a while as it’s not far when that happens now.

Self-driving vehicle

A while ago who would have thought that OK me day the four-wheelers that we use to travel from place to place will be so easy to operate. That we don’t even need to drive it and it will work on auto-drive mode, many cars are using that technology Nowadays especially cars of Lamborghini and expensive companies they modifying and testing these technologies and making the existing version better.

3-D printers

The things that made the life of 3-D so awesome are these printers. Whether you see the automobile companies or any architecture companies or any big Companies. They always make their products in the computer first and then print the 3-D version out and then check it and if it’s good and approved by everyone they will make a real version. Then start working on it and give us all the things that we use Nowadays.

Microservice architecture

The app making has gotten super easy with this amazing network, containing already many Microservice and saving them in the cloud. The app uses to take a couple of years to make, now it’s super easy and can be made in just a few weeks.

Cell phone technology

The cell phone technology has changed our world as we can now communicate with people that live like thousands of km away. Before to talk to someone who lives in a different village people use to go there at their house and then stay there for a day just to say hello and ask if he’s doing fine. Then came the letter era but it has its own limitations that couldn’t be crossed. So the inventor made and invented a telephone that was wired one at first and had a small range them they made cell phones with wireless networks and made towers transferring that signal from a place to another place.


The personal computer is the reason why there are satellites in space, why do we have the internet that we can see everything and find everything in it, the reason for our present and our future too. The computer was made just like some simple machine to do simple calculations and then later after evolving in all these years it has been a device that can make and destroy people’s lives too.


These are the reason for our everyday life is getting more and more fun. Without satellite, we won’t be able to see what’s going on with the world. We won’t be able to listen to the radio and we won’t be able to connect with people on the phone. So satellites did changed the world by connecting us as one.

Solar cells

The idea of converting the light energy into an energy of electricity and giving us the power we need with nature has never crossed the mind of people when they started making technology. Now that we have made it seem so normal and you can find it in most of the houses using this to save money, electricity and not saving the planet too.


The reason why you are reading this, the reason why people have so much knowledge without going to class, the reason why people connect with each other so easily. This all because of our internet that we can share, tell, look and learn so many things that we would never have thought about leaving without it.


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