14 Coolest Things to Buy Online in 2019

If you go down the Online Shopping rabbit hole, the amount of unique, quirky items you would find is astonishing. Everyone at some point wishes they had things that are simultaneously cool and useful. You don’t have to travel long distances or spend a lot of time searching for shops. Just go online and check for the things mentioned here. So, here are the 14 Coolest Things to Buy Online in 2019 .

Bird Shaped Table Lamp

Elegant and quirky at the same time, this bird shaped lamp brings a unique presence to your rooms. It’s a nice departure from the mundanely designed old lamps as it brings a style factor and is an energy saving option because it uses LED bulbs.

Melting Clock

Inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali, this uniquely designed clock will be a great addition to your walls. Made from plastic, it has a silver shaded border and black numerals. It’s eye-catching, quirky, and can be placed on tables, shelves of the room you wanna keep it.

Usb Desk Fan

Gadgets are becoming a dominant presence in our daily lives; here is another cool one that’s pretty useful. USB fans are compact, portable, lightweight device that can be a blessing when you are stuck at a scorching hot place with no proper air conditioning. You can easily power it through your computer/laptop’s USB port. Don’t worry about the size as these are powerful enough to cool your body temperature.

Fridge Bottle Hanger

Ah, not enough space for your drinks in the fridge? But what would you do? You want your drinks chill, right? Just get a magnetic fridge bottle hanger that will let you hang any bottle with metal caps in your fridge. It’s easy to install, can hold up to 6 bottles.

Ultimate Can Opener

Move along all other can openers! Here comes the king!! Well, seriously, it’s probably the most effective can opener. This is more comfortable and easier to use and has turn knob with stainless steel cutting mechanism. It’s not just limited to opening a soda or beer bottle; you can open cans and jars with lids easily and smoothly without affecting the content inside.

Five Way Headphone Splitter

Sharing your favourite song or watching your favourite movie with friends and family just enhances the overall experience. A 5 Way headphone splitter will help you do this. Just plug in any mobile device that has music or movies on it and connect up to five headphones. It’s lightweight and easy-to-use and an extremely useful tool during trips.

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

Wooden cutlery sets are both good to look at and nature friendly compared to say, disposable plastic cutlery, as they can decompose in the soil. The style factor that wooden cutlery brings to the table is unmatched. It oozes classiness, and who doesn’t want to be classy?

Hidden Secret Book Safe

It looks and almost feels like a real book, but it’s actually a safe box!

This extremely useful tool can help you store your valuable items like jewellery, cash, credit cards, important documents, etc. These kinds of safe locks are made with first-rate materials and have great durability. Also, it’s quite a cool and quirky choice for a safety box.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We are so busy nowadays! Reasons can be many: schools, business, office, project, in this rush, we often forget to have a proper breakfast. Through Breakfast Sandwich Maker, your life will become a lot easier. It can help you cook a healthy sandwich within 5 minutes! Thus it helps you save time without compromising a healthy breakfast.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Sure, Normal sunglasses make you look cool, but have you tried these Kaleidoscope Glasses? They are stylish, glossy, and will give you a distinctive look. It presents a rainbow light effect in front of your eyes and is a great accessory for beaches, festivals.

Heart Shaped Drinking Glasses

Does your drinking glass seem a little boring to you now? Like, you are sort of embarrassed to bring it in front of guests? Then replace them with these sleek, stylish, beautiful heart shaped glasses. It’s made of acrylic plastic glassware and uses double layered glass that will help keep the tea, coffee warm for a bit longer.

Foldable Travel Water Bottle

During traveling, hydrating yourself is very important. But many of you don’t prefer carrying heavy bottles. Foldable Travel Water Bottles, available in vivid, lively colours might just be the solution for you. These are extremely flexible, lightweight bottles that won’t feel like too much weight, and are eco-friendly.

Camera Shaped Stationary Holder

Arrange your pen, pencil, eraser, scissors in a fancier way with Camera shaped stationary holder. It’s made of wood and has a smooth surface finish. This is an extremely classy looking holder that will increase the style quotient of the room it’s placed.

Bottle Shaped Umbrella

Often times, we forget or lose our umbrellas at random places. One of the main reasons is due to our umbrella not fitting in with our bags or packages. With Bottle Shaped Umbrella, you have a solution as this is easy to package due to its size, and is very aesthetically pleasing. You just have to unscrew the bottle to open this umbrella in its full size.


From the comfort of your home— get these cool things and make your life more stylish. They don’t sacrifice productivity for style. All you have to do is choose a product that you find interesting and useful.


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