Tips to Maintain Garden in Lowest Space on your Home

Having a garden or some greenery around, is something everyone desires and why not, it brings us closer to nature and brings about a sense of calm and tranquility, perhaps a getaway from the daily stresses of life. As pleasing as it is to have a garden of your own, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, or you just might be out of space or maybe you don’t have the time. Fear not, here are some handy tips for you to maintain a garden in your home without using up too much space or taking up too much of your time.

Research your Plants

If you do this step well, the battle is half won, you can look around in numerous websites for the kind of plants one can grow. Shortlist a few plants and then research them individually, whether they are suited to the environmental conditions in your region, the maintenance that they require. You would also want to make sure they are not plant varieties which spread out rapidly.

Another important consideration is the kind of soil available in your garden and the amount of sunlight that would be available to the plants. Do take these factors into considerations, before finally deciding on any plant variety

Sturdy and resilient plants are the best bet for any beginner, you can eventually work your way to more temperamental plants.

Be mindful of the season and weather conditions before planting.

Plan the arrangement

Once you have decided on the plants, you can go ahead and make a diagram or a rough sketch of which plants are to go in which spot, keeping in mind the necessity of sunlight or shade for each plant variety. Some varieties of plants complement each other when grown together, keep in mind such considerations.

The Best Start

Prepare your soil with manure and nutrients which your plants would require, this will go a long way in keeping your plants healthy and also help them acclimatize to the new environment.

Mulch Away

The use of mulch is understated. Not only does it contain the moisture in the soil, but it also prevents weeds from sprouting because of the blockage of sunlight which would have previously sprouted the seeds of weeds.

Be sure to leave some space around the base of the plants and then add mulch, you don’t want to block the sunlight from your plants.


Watering your plants day after day can be a soothing and relaxing experience but you might not have the time to do that everyday, and no matter how sturdy the plants are, most will not withstand consistent lack of water, an easier alternative for you is introducing drip irrigation system, it requires some investment at the beginning but will end up giving you great returns, a beautiful garden, your time and energy saved and you will be doing good for the planet by saving water.

Fill the gaps

The menace of weeds is one of the biggest concerns of a gardener, amaetuer or a seasoned one, these pesky plants can rob your plants of nutrients and other essentials. A good way to combat that is to not leave gaps or spaces for them to grow. You can cover the gaps with ornamental grass or plant shrubs or meadow plants all of which are likely to be all seasons plants, and so providing year round protection from weeds

Garden Journaling

Keeping a journal record of your plant in a religious manner can do wonders for your gardening journey. Draw a rough sketch of where your plants are or where you have sown the seeds, to keep track of the plants. In case some plants require routine addition of nutrients you can keep track of the same in your journal. The same applies for keeping track of how long it takes for flowering plants or fruit bearing plants.

Gardening can be a very fulfilling hobby but it does require some amount of patience on your part, which can be easily cultivated when you reap the benefits. There are bound to be some mishaps, some dried up and dead plants, but don’t give up. Research and learn more about gardening. There are various local garden groups even on social media which you can join and interact with fellow gardeners about your garden woes and even share the beautiful plants you grow…

14 Coolest Things to Buy Online in 2019

If you go down the Online Shopping rabbit hole, the amount of unique, quirky items you would find is astonishing. Everyone at some point wishes they had things that are simultaneously cool and useful. You don’t have to travel long distances or spend a lot of time searching for shops. Just go online and check for the things mentioned here. So, here are the 14 Coolest Things to Buy Online in 2019 .

Bird Shaped Table Lamp

Elegant and quirky at the same time, this bird shaped lamp brings a unique presence to your rooms. It’s a nice departure from the mundanely designed old lamps as it brings a style factor and is an energy saving option because it uses LED bulbs.

Melting Clock

Inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali, this uniquely designed clock will be a great addition to your walls. Made from plastic, it has a silver shaded border and black numerals. It’s eye-catching, quirky, and can be placed on tables, shelves of the room you wanna keep it.

Usb Desk Fan

Gadgets are becoming a dominant presence in our daily lives; here is another cool one that’s pretty useful. USB fans are compact, portable, lightweight device that can be a blessing when you are stuck at a scorching hot place with no proper air conditioning. You can easily power it through your computer/laptop’s USB port. Don’t worry about the size as these are powerful enough to cool your body temperature.

Fridge Bottle Hanger

Ah, not enough space for your drinks in the fridge? But what would you do? You want your drinks chill, right? Just get a magnetic fridge bottle hanger that will let you hang any bottle with metal caps in your fridge. It’s easy to install, can hold up to 6 bottles.

Ultimate Can Opener

Move along all other can openers! Here comes the king!! Well, seriously, it’s probably the most effective can opener. This is more comfortable and easier to use and has turn knob with stainless steel cutting mechanism. It’s not just limited to opening a soda or beer bottle; you can open cans and jars with lids easily and smoothly without affecting the content inside.

Five Way Headphone Splitter

Sharing your favourite song or watching your favourite movie with friends and family just enhances the overall experience. A 5 Way headphone splitter will help you do this. Just plug in any mobile device that has music or movies on it and connect up to five headphones. It’s lightweight and easy-to-use and an extremely useful tool during trips.

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

Wooden cutlery sets are both good to look at and nature friendly compared to say, disposable plastic cutlery, as they can decompose in the soil. The style factor that wooden cutlery brings to the table is unmatched. It oozes classiness, and who doesn’t want to be classy?

Hidden Secret Book Safe

It looks and almost feels like a real book, but it’s actually a safe box!

This extremely useful tool can help you store your valuable items like jewellery, cash, credit cards, important documents, etc. These kinds of safe locks are made with first-rate materials and have great durability. Also, it’s quite a cool and quirky choice for a safety box.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We are so busy nowadays! Reasons can be many: schools, business, office, project, in this rush, we often forget to have a proper breakfast. Through Breakfast Sandwich Maker, your life will become a lot easier. It can help you cook a healthy sandwich within 5 minutes! Thus it helps you save time without compromising a healthy breakfast.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Sure, Normal sunglasses make you look cool, but have you tried these Kaleidoscope Glasses? They are stylish, glossy, and will give you a distinctive look. It presents a rainbow light effect in front of your eyes and is a great accessory for beaches, festivals.

Heart Shaped Drinking Glasses

Does your drinking glass seem a little boring to you now? Like, you are sort of embarrassed to bring it in front of guests? Then replace them with these sleek, stylish, beautiful heart shaped glasses. It’s made of acrylic plastic glassware and uses double layered glass that will help keep the tea, coffee warm for a bit longer.

Foldable Travel Water Bottle

During traveling, hydrating yourself is very important. But many of you don’t prefer carrying heavy bottles. Foldable Travel Water Bottles, available in vivid, lively colours might just be the solution for you. These are extremely flexible, lightweight bottles that won’t feel like too much weight, and are eco-friendly.

Camera Shaped Stationary Holder

Arrange your pen, pencil, eraser, scissors in a fancier way with Camera shaped stationary holder. It’s made of wood and has a smooth surface finish. This is an extremely classy looking holder that will increase the style quotient of the room it’s placed.

Bottle Shaped Umbrella

Often times, we forget or lose our umbrellas at random places. One of the main reasons is due to our umbrella not fitting in with our bags or packages. With Bottle Shaped Umbrella, you have a solution as this is easy to package due to its size, and is very aesthetically pleasing. You just have to unscrew the bottle to open this umbrella in its full size.


From the comfort of your home— get these cool things and make your life more stylish. They don’t sacrifice productivity for style. All you have to do is choose a product that you find interesting and useful.…

11 tech invention that changed the world

Technologies have evolved a lot and made a huge impact while evolving, it’s hard to believe what was once a dream of some people now our everyday needs. Technology has changed our world made it a better place so let’s see some of 11 tech inventions that changed our world.

Voice assistant

The things about voice assistant is so good that we don’t really think of it as a huge thing now as it has been common and found in every device. But when started it was a huge thing, more famous than the talking dog the idea of controlling a machine with your voice was once a dream now a reality that we live in. Alexa, google assistant and many more voice assistant helps us live our lives better and making it easy.

Microcurrent Facial Machine

Many people may not know this by name and not really something you heard regularly. But hearing its use will for sure make you get surprised. The CRISPR in simple words used to cure many genetic diseases and had been used many times nowadays to cure and eliminate the cancer of some patients. You can check best microcurrent facial machines or buy directly from amazon.

Robot assistant

The things that make our work easier is gadget but this gadget can even replace us and it has been replacing us. The robots are used in some factories and on the battlefield already. They keep evolving them with new features and making them better and better, and with time it will really just going to get better and better. You can imagine terminator getting alive after a while as it’s not far when that happens now.

Self-driving vehicle

A while ago who would have thought that OK me day the four-wheelers that we use to travel from place to place will be so easy to operate. That we don’t even need to drive it and it will work on auto-drive mode, many cars are using that technology Nowadays especially cars of Lamborghini and expensive companies they modifying and testing these technologies and making the existing version better.

3-D printers

The things that made the life of 3-D so awesome are these printers. Whether you see the automobile companies or any architecture companies or any big Companies. They always make their products in the computer first and then print the 3-D version out and then check it and if it’s good and approved by everyone they will make a real version. Then start working on it and give us all the things that we use Nowadays.

Microservice architecture

The app making has gotten super easy with this amazing network, containing already many Microservice and saving them in the cloud. The app uses to take a couple of years to make, now it’s super easy and can be made in just a few weeks.

Cell phone technology

The cell phone technology has changed our world as we can now communicate with people that live like thousands of km away. Before to talk to someone who lives in a different village people use to go there at their house and then stay there for a day just to say hello and ask if he’s doing fine. Then came the letter era but it has its own limitations that couldn’t be crossed. So the inventor made and invented a telephone that was wired one at first and had a small range them they made cell phones with wireless networks and made towers transferring that signal from a place to another place.


The personal computer is the reason why there are satellites in space, why do we have the internet that we can see everything and find everything in it, the reason for our present and our future too. The computer was made just like some simple machine to do simple calculations and then later after evolving in all these years it has been a device that can make and destroy people’s lives too.


These are the reason for our everyday life is getting more and more fun. Without satellite, we won’t be able to see what’s going on with the world. We won’t be able to listen to the radio and we won’t be able to connect with people on the phone. So satellites did changed the world by connecting us as one.

Solar cells

The idea of converting the light energy into an energy of electricity and giving us the power we need with nature has never crossed the mind of people when they started making technology. Now that we have made it seem so normal and you can find it in most of the houses using this to save money, electricity and not saving the planet too.


The reason why you are reading this, the reason why people have so much knowledge without going to class, the reason why people connect with each other so easily. This all because of our internet that we can share, tell, look and learn so many things that we would never have thought about leaving without it.…

How Many of These Scary Halloween Movies Have You Seen?

Ah, it’s that time of the year again; time to engage ourselves with carving spooky jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins, attend funky costume parties, pull a bunch of horror pranks. Halloween is a special occasion every year, one that leaves us with a lot of good memories and amazing stories to tell in the future. People also like to watch scary movies on Halloween, so here’s a list of some good halloween movies. Check out the list to find out How Many of These Scary Halloween Movies Have You Seen.

The Guest(2014)

Directed by Adam wingard, this is a cracker jacker of a movie that gets wackier as it goes along. Things start changing for the Peterson family when a mysterious soldier(played by Dan Stevens), claiming to be their deceased son’s friend who was in the army, comes to their lives. It has a vibe of an 80’s movie, like a mix between Terminator and a John Carpenter movie. With it’s synth score and neon lighting, this throwback thriller is a blast to watch.


If you are a fan of slow burning, existential horror films, this movie is for you. The story of people getting killed when they see some eerie video on the internet may seem like another one of those “OMG! Internet is scary!!” movies, but this is a much smarter movie than the plot description may lead you to believe.

It’s creepy and gets under your skin, and it’s a very good meditation on the alienation of youth in our society. It may not have the sort of thrills that you expect from a standard horror movie, but it’s effectively scary and rewarding intellectually.

The Others(2001)

Acclaimed Spanish Director Alejandro Amenábar’s first English feature film The Others is a period – horror/haunted house movie. Grace, played by Nicole Kidman, after some dubious situations, becomes convinced that her house is haunted. She fears for her and her photosensitive children’s lives. This movie not only delivers in terms of spooky imagery and awesome scares, but it also has a very satisfying climax that will make the rewatch of this movie more rewarding. This is all led by an outstanding performance from Nicole Kidman.


With its bone chillingly scary opening, Sinister hooks you right from the beginning. It’s a haunted house movie about a True-Crime writer Ellison Oswalt(Ethan Hawke), who movies into a new house with his family. This movie has the jump scare trope that’s used ceaselessly in modern horror movies. But in this, the build up is very good and has a great atmosphere so when the scare comes it’s actually really effective.

The Thing(1982)

Now this one is a classic! Directed by John Carpenter, this is an excellent thriller/horror movie. Set in the snowy mountains of Antarctica, this is a story of a shape shifting alien that terrorizes a group of people in a research team. This is a movie that taps into a specific sense of paranoia and gets nerve-wracking tense as it moves forward.

Directed with panache by John Carpenter at the peak of his power, with a powerful score from the legendary Ennio Morricone, this would be a great watch for Halloween.

The Ring(2002)

If you want to know what a supernatural horror movie directed by David Fincher looks like, check out this movie. Directed by Gore Verbinski this movie’s shot composition, tension building is very much like one of Fincher’s movies. Remake ofJapanese horror movie Ringu, it’s about a young journalist(Played by Naomi Watts) who starts to investigate a mysterious tape which kills its viewers in seven days and during which her son accidentally sees the tape. The movie is sort of a ticking time bomb where the suspense is maintained till the end. Check this one out as one of your Halloween night movies.

28 Days Later(2002)

Directed by Danny Boyel on a shoestring budget, this zombie movie takes place in London— where most of the population is wiped out by a deadly virus, and the surviving folks are hunted by the undead. This is a thrilling, scary, suspenseful movie without sacrificing the human element. Great performance from the cast, especially Naomie Harris, grounds the characters, thus making us care about them through their journey for survival.


This movie has a great hook: A deaf and mute woman hunted by a masked killer through her house. This has some incredibly suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat moments with good violence all packed in lean and mean 83 minutes. People complaining about movies being long have a perfect movie for themselves!

The Cabin in the Woods(2011)

Horror Comedies are hard to do. But even more difficult is doing a self-aware satire of the genre while also completely respecting it. Director Drew Goddard and writer Joss wheadon have somehow pulled it off. This movie makes fun of various tropes in horror movies in a smart way without being annoying. It’s nice to see a movie which can deliver thrills and giggles, a nice choice for your Halloween watch.


Watching horror movies during the Halloween season is an awesome way to celebrate it. The experience will just get better if you watch it with a group of people. So, keep the spirit of Halloween alive by checking out some awesome scary flicks!…

6 Top Tips For Managing Long Hair

Our looks also depend on our house whether it is literally or figuratively, every girl wants to have healthy hair. There are several things by which you can have long hair. It might be like having different hair brushes, changing the way of using a hairdryer, adding some vitamins and minerals to the mixture or it may be sleeping on a silk pillowcase. There are some Pro tips by which you can have long-lasting hair. It is only for some women that they have got long hair but for us, we need to have a beauty routine that must be followed regularly.

Having frequent trims

If you want long hair, you must have trim and they must be regular trims. According to a celebrity hairstylist, Michael Duenas haircut is not a way of growing hair faster. You have to eliminate the breakage which will give you faster-growing hair. If you have a haircut, it will tend to lose your hair length.

Oil your hair regularly

The most important thing for our hair is proper nutrition. It is same as required for any other part of the body. If you regularly root your hair, it will provide the strength and it will also make them grow long and give them more power so that they can become strong.

  • Oil your hair with warm oil and give them a gentle massage with your fingertips.
  • Also, please apply oil to strands so that they can soak with oil.
  • If you want, you can wrap auto wale towards your head you can do it for 5 to 10 minutes, as it helps to absorb oil into the hair.
  • Then in the next step, you have to wash it after 2 hours with shampoo.
  • You will get your result as it helps in blood circulation as well as strength.

No requirement of daily shampoo

It will be good if you shampoo your hair twice a week because it is enough for penetrating your hair and it is also enough for repairing and hydrating itself because shampoo is used to wash dirt. If you apply it daily in your hair, it can become dry and brittle. It will tend to break your hair and also shampoo contains sulphate which can damage your hair.

Using conditioner along with the shampoo

Conditioning is also an important factor for good hair because conditioner helps in preventing dryness. It also helps in locking the moisture, it will protect your hair from pollution and dirt. It will protect you from the sun. It really replaces protein in the hair and prevents bad particles from damaging the hair. It is also important that you find the right shampoo and conditioner for this task because some brands mislead you it can harm your hair then providing it strength. You can also use homemade shampoo and conditioner.

Eating the right food

Long hair also depends on the food you take or the protein you are taking to your body. It is not the case that it only depending upon products that you put on your hair. If you want to have good hair, your hair does also need feeding from inside. You can take protein with the help of foods like nuts, beans, whole grains and fish. If you are a vegetarian, your aim should be to get high diet which contains proteins, vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E and zinc and iron-type minerals, omega 3 fatty acids contributes well to here.

Be careful

  • You have to be careful while brushing your hair because it will tend to breakage when your hair is wet. You can use a wet brush for this. But it is also a tent that you also use good technique. It is believed that brushing from the end will be better.
  • You have to avoid heat styling tools as there is no need to over-styling your hair. It is good if you decrease the temperature.
  • It is also important that you also give attention to your skin. You have to treat hair and skin equally.
  • Please stop doing cleansers as it is only recommended by diet companies but it can be terrible for your hair and your body nutrients.