5 Best Mixer Grinders Under 3000 INR in India

India has thousands of tasteful culinary delights all over the province, but most Indian food takes a long time mainly because of the seasoning grind. In this modern era, you no longer need to use the old way to make turmeric or spices, because the breakthrough of kitchen utensils now makes cooking easier.

Mixer Grinder is an Indian kitchen identity that every home must-have for all your food to taste. The mixer grinder is present for Indian people at low prices but maintains good quality for consumers, following the best mixer grinders under 2000 INR in India.

Usha Colt Plus MG-3772 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jar)

USHA MG 3772 Colt plus is an elegant mixer grinder that makes it very easy for you to cook. The shiny and sleek aluminum tube design allows all materials to be poured into other containers without residue. It means that all the ingredients are difficult to slip between the grinders after the grinding process.

This Grinder mixer from Usha Colt looks elegant and sleek and comes with a crushing knife that can speed up your cooking process. All ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, dry, and wet, will be perfectly smooth. The Usha Colt + mixer grinder is equipped with a full 750 Watt copper motor that heats very slowly so that it is not loud.

According to the testimonies of mothers in India, they are delighted with Usha Colt Plus MG-3772 because this tool is known to be very durable. Food taste is maintained even though it has experienced very soft destruction. You can get it at online stores or favorite electronic outlets starting from Rs. 2800

Prestige Iris 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jar)

Prestige Iris, with four jars mixer-all-in one, is the right choice for homemakers and culinary sellers. All herbs and food ingredients will be easily ground. Making pasta or the original kitchen seasoning powder will undoubtedly make the food more delicious. Kneading food, mixing it with ingredients, so it feels soft in the mouth of Prestige Iris does it very well.

The durability of a steel grinding knife can work well for up to 2 hours of the grinding process. This grinder is very easy to clean and comes with a simple design and easy to operate.

Jaipan Smart Pro 500W Mixer Grinder (3 Jar)

Jaipan is one of the leading brands in India in terms of kitchen equipment. Not only makes your surprise because of specifications, but the price of Jaipan Smart Pro also is not high. This practical kitchen tool is capable of grinding your favorite herbs like cinnamon, pepper, or garlic. The cooking process will be far more useful; even the sugar paste will become smooth and easily absorbed into the cake mixture.

Jaipan Smart Pro with 500W is the most energy-efficient in its class, but also very complete with three types of the jar for cooking needs. You can mix the juice or excellent porridge for your baby; everything becomes easy and fun with Jaipan Smart Pro 500W.

Philips HL7510/00 550W Mixer Grinder

This brand is a bestseller in India, Philips HL7510/00 is hard to find in the online market, and you have to pre-order for many days. The 2-year warranty proves the quality of this product after purchase; the design is unique and elegant and is equipped with an intelligent jar.

Philips HL7510 / 00 is very good at smoothing all types of cooked and raw food, making it your belle for a long time. The ergonomic design makes it easy for you to pour ingredients into other containers after the grinding process. The buttons are easy to operate and practical. The engine is equipped with auto cut off for overload protection to avoid damage or overheating. Each jar has a capacity of 25 liters, 0.75 liters, 0.3 liters, and you are free to choose it as a companion to the cooking process.

Bajaj 3 Jar Pluto 550 W (3 Jar)

Never doubt the design of a mixer grinder that has a classic design. At first glance, Bajaj Pluto is normal; it almost looks like a juicer, but this brand you can rely on during cooking in the kitchen. The material is made of stainless Steel Speed Control, ABS, Cord Material, PVC, Blade 3-speed control with inner for momentary operation.


This machine will smell a little hot the first time you use it, but if the third use feels very hot, you need to contact the store to claim the warranty. Mixer grinder Bajaj coated three stainless steel jars such as a liquidizing jar, a grinding jar, and a chutney jar. The engine is very multi-function Blades and is equipped with motor overload protection so that it can operate for 1 hour of grinding.


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