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It's now September 2002, and it's been one hell of a long time since I've updated this FAQ document. For those who are new to this site, the INCREDIBLE HULK TELEVISION SERIES FAQ is the original cornerstone of this site. It actually predates the first version of THE INCREDIBLE HULK television series page (which first went online in 1996) by more than two years. Marina Bailey and I started it in 1994 in an attempt to draw more attention to THE INCREDIBLE HULK as a series.We started working on it in November of 1994 and posted the first version on January 3rd, 1995 in the rec.arts.tv usenet group. The FAQ was well received and a number of Hulk fans came out of the woodwork with comments and feedback. The fan soon grew so big and so hard to control that I decided to move it off of the USENET and onto the (primitive) first version of THE INCREDIBLE HULK television series page.

The FAQ was desperately in need of some updating, so I did a bunch of tweaks to content, added a bunch of new material and I fit it into the new layout style fo the site.

General Information About The Series
Information On The Actors And Guest Stars Information On The Characters Other Trivial Questions: About This FAQ And Its Authors?

What Exactly Is The Incredible Hulk?

    In 1962, Marvel Comics started a new comic book series called "The Incredible Hulk". Written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby, it told the tale of a nuclear scientist who transformed into a powerful, but primal creature.

    A social misfit, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner (called Bruce) was bombarded by gamma radiation when a communist spy detonates the gamma bomb that Dr. Banner invented. Suddenly, Bruce gains the ability to transform into a huge green creature with enormous strength whenever he is angered.

    Though very strong, the Hulk does not possess Dr. Banner's intellect and is driven by a raging fury. Hunted by the military and other super-heroes, Banner is forced to keep his identity a secret from the world.

    The Incredible Hulk was not popular when first printed, but eventually caught on and became (excuse the pun) a roaring success!

When Did The Hulk Make The Transition To Television?

    The Hulk first appeared on the small screen in a television show called "Marvel Super-Heroes" which aired in the 1960s. Using crude animation and the original comic-book storylines, the Hulk faced a different adventure every week.

    When the Hulk was brought to prime time television, producer Kenneth Johnson recognized that a series about a man who transforms into a green monster would have a difficult time catching on with a prime-time audience. With the approval of Stan Lee, Johnson reworked the entire Hulk storyline to make it more appealing to an adult audience.

    Bruce Banner was changed to David Banner. The Hulk's origins and characteristics were also changed. Instead of being mutated by a nuclear explosion, television's Banner was mutated by a laboratory experiment gone wrong. While searching for key to the hidden strength that all humans possess (known as the "fight or flight syndrome"), David discovers that Gamma radiation is the key to this temporary surge of adrenaline. Banner's physiology lacks sufficient gamma radiation to produce this effect and his wife died as a result. In order to make sure that such a situation never happens again, he takes a gamma injection in the radiology lab of the Culver Institute in California.At first, he feels no ill effects, but as soon as he loses his temper, he's transformed into the Hulk.

    Fearing what damage this uncontrollable creature is capable of, Banner seeks to reverse the process, but is thwarted when a fire in the laboratory kills his colleague. Jack McGee, a reporter for a seedy newspaper mistakenly assumes that the Hulk is responsible for the fire and the death of Banner's colleague. Banner is also assumed to have perished in the fire and McGee believes that a deadly creature is now loose in the United States. McGee makes it his mission to capture the creature and becomes obsessed with achieving this goal. David, who isn't really dead, is forced to travel from place to place in search of a cure.

    The series was similar to the old "Fugitive" television show. Each episode found David in a new place, meeting with new people and getting involved in different adventures. Mr. McGee chases the Hulk (and David) relentlessly, adding further problems for the fugitive scientist in search of a cure.

    The creature itself has been reworked from the comic book. While the original comic-book Hulk was seven feet tall, weighed a thousand pounds, and was capable of lifting more than a hundred tons, the television Hulk was less impressive.

    Obviously, there are no people big enough to play a character as large as the comic book Hulk, so the television Hulk was a bit smaller ... nearly seven feet tall and weighing more than 330 pounds. Television's Hulk never lifted any objects as heavy as the comic book Hulk did (probably because budget restraints prevented the television Hulk from holding up the weight of a mountain like the comic book Hulk did in Secret Wars), though there never seemed to be limits placed on the television Hulk's physical strength, either. In the comic book, the Hulk was capable of speaking and had bullet-proof skin. Television's Hulk never spoke and could be injured by bullets and other sharp objects. However, the TV Hulk had an incredibly fast metabolism which enabled quick healing to occur.

    It was Johnson's philosophy that what worked in comic books didn't always lend itself well to television. In the comics, the Hulk would be fighting other monsters or space aliens, but such things would be hard to pull off and have the show taken seriously. While campy stories did work briefly for the Bat-Man series of the 60s, the novelty quickly wore off. Johnson's story was about the human condition and the pain and suffering we all go through. The Hulk was really only a secondary focus ... David was the primary focus.

    The Incredible Hulk has also been featured in two other animated series'. The first, aired on NBC in the early eighties and was paired with the Amazing Spider-Man. The second recently aired on the UPN network and also features Lou Ferrigno as the voice of the Hulk.

Who Made Up The Crew Of The Incredible Hulk?

Here are the main players of the Incredible Hulk television series crew:
  • Executive producer and television creator - Kenneth Johnson
  • Producers - Nicholas Corea, James D. Parriott and Charles Bowman (first and second season), Bob Steinhauer, Karen Harris, Jill Sherman, Jeff Frelich (third season).
  • Supervising Producer - Nicholas Corea
  • Story Editors - Corea, Sherman and Harris, Andrew Shneider (third season)
  • Director Of Photography - John McPherson
  • Film Editor - Jack Schoengarth
  • Music - Joe Harnell
  • Sound Mixer - Claude Riggins
  • Art Director - Seymour Kate, Frank Grieco Jr.

Set Director - Joe Mitchell

Who Were the Lead Actors Of The Incredible Hulk?

  • Bill Bixby - had previously starred in "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father", "My Favorite Martian" and "The Magician" television series' as well as numerous TV movies.
  • Lou Ferrigno - A champion body-builder, Lou's first starring role was "The Incredible Hulk". He had previously been featured in the documentary film, "Pumping Iron", and had a short career playing football for the Toronto Argonauts. Lou is 60% deaf as a result of ear infections he developed as a child. Lou is still heavily involved in the body-building industry and currently does the voice of the Hulk in the animated series on UPN. More recently, Lou also went in to business with (ironically enough), Bat-Man star Adam West, when the two opened the Cartoon Saloon restaurant in Florida.
  • Jack Colvin - Largely a character actor, both before and after the series, Colvin's first starring role was The Incredible Hulk. Colvin had been featured in a number of guest spots on various Kenneth Johnson shows before The Incredible Hulk but seems to have vanished into obscurity lately.

Why Did They Change The Lead Character's Name From Bruce Banner To David Banner?

There are a couple of versions of this story. The first was that the name "Bruce" was considered stereotypically gay in the 1970s. The second was that producer Ken Johnson hated illiterating names like "Bruce Banner", "Clark Kent", "Matt Murdock" and "Peter Parker."

Whatever the rationale, David Bruce Banner was the official name of the live-action lead character. Incidentally, he was named after producer Kenneth Johnson's eldest son - David Johnson. For those who are fans of Johnson's popular "V" miniseries, you may be interested in knowing that the two lead characters in that series - Julie Parish and Mike Donovan - were named after his other two children.

What Was The Opening Narration Of The Show?

The opening narration of the show was performed by the late Ted Cassidy (best known for his role as Lurch on TV's The Addams Family). It went like this:

Doctor David Banner, physician, scientist, searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation alters his body chemistry. And now, when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The Creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter.

"Mister McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

The Creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit. David Banner is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him...

You can download this file in *.WAV or RealAudio Format in the David Banner's Listening Room Section of this Site!

Were There Any Variations On The Opening Narration?

In the second pilot movie, A Death In The Family, there was a slight variation on the opening narration which changed into the familiar narration when The Incredible Hulk became a regular series. This narration is as follows:

Dr. David Banner, physician, scientist, searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation interacts with his unique body chemistry. And now, when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs. The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter.

"Mr. McGee ... don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

An accidental explosion took the life of a fellow scientist and supposedly David Banner as well. The reporter thinks the creature was responsible.

"I gave a description to all the law enforcement agencies. They've got a warrant for murder out on it!"

A murder which David Banner can never prove that he or the creature didn't commit. So he must let the world go on thinking that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.

What Was The Quote Shown At The Beginning Of The Pilot Movie?

"Within each of us, ofttimes, there dwells a mighty and raging fury."

What Are Some Significant Episodes Of The Series?

Some of the episodes that we consider to be highlights of The Incredible Hulk are:
  • "The Incredible Hulk" - The origin of the Hulk is told.
  • "The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas" - McGee witnesses the Hulk beginning to change back into David Banner and begins to realize that there's more to the Hulk than meets the eye.
  • "Married" - Emmy winning performance by Mariette Hartley
  • "A Child In Need" - Deals with the issue of child abuse
  • "Alice In Discoland" - Deals with alcoholism
  • "The Snare" - David matches wits with a hunter who hunts people!
  • "Mystery Man" - McGee learns that a human transforms into the Hulk and gets a new lease on life as the mystery begins to unfold.
  • "Homecoming" - David is reunited with his family on Thanksgiving
  • "The Psychic" - Touching tale starring Bixby's former wife.
  • "Proof Positive" - Bill Bixby doesn't appear in this episode!
  • "Nine Hours" - Touching story dealing with several social issues.
  • "Death Mask" - Mystery story that's extremely chilling!
  • "Prometheus" - David becomes stuck in mid-transformation and the Hulk is captured!
  • "Dark Side" - David's experiment backfires and he makes the Hulk capable of committing murder!
  • "King Of The Beach" - Lou Ferrigno stars in a semi-autobiographical story about overcoming a disability.
  • "The First" - David encounters another man who can transform into a Hulk.
  • "The Harder They Fall" - David is crippled in an accident and struggles to deal with the disability.
  • "Interview With The Hulk" - Touching story in which David tells his story to a reporter facing problems of his own.
  • "Danny" - touching story about a woman trying to break out of a life of crime.
  • "A Minor Problem" - Final episode of the series.
  • "The Death Of The Incredible Hulk" - Bixby's last Hulk adventure.

What About Some Forgettable Hulk Episodes?

Every series has some bad episodes and "The Incredible Hulk" is no exception. Some of the more forgettable episodes include:
  • "Never Give A Trucker An Even Break" (season 1)
  • "Babalao" (season 3)
  • "Long Run Home" (season 3)
  • "Half Nelson" (season 4)
  • "The Phenom" (season 5)
  • "Slaves" (season 5)
  • "Triangle" (season 5)

How Long Did It Take To Transform Lou Ferrigno Into The Hulk?

During the run of the series, Lou Ferrigno would often have to report to the Universal Studios back-lot at 5:00 AM in order to undergo the 3 hour make-up process. His body would be painted green, finished and then a fake forehead and nose would be applied, along with a $650 Yak's hair wig. In went Lou Ferrigno, out came the Incredible Hulk.

Was "The Incredible Hulk" Cancelled?

 Author Frank Garcia, of StarLog Magazine, suggests that CBS did cancel the show ... without much warning to the Hulk's producers. Nicholas Corea and Kenneth Johnson had hoped to do a two hour finale to the series, but weren't able to because of CBS's surprise announcement.

    Ken Johnson claimed that Harvey Shepherd (head of the CBS network at the time) felt there wasn't a season left in the show and canceled it in the summer of 1981, with seven completed episodes not yet aired. These seven were played during the 1981/2 season along with reruns to give the Hulk its fifth season.

    Another piece of evidence which lends support to Frank's suggestion came in Starlog # 39. Universal pictures and CBS were at odds prior to the production of the Hulk's fourth season. CBS was trying to cut costs all around, and the Hulk was no exception. Corea objected to the cutbacks targeted at the Hulk's special effects and had to fight to get his way. The network balked at the fact that the Hulk had the most expensive special effects budget on television (even more than "Buck Rogers In The 21st Century") and wanted to trim down the show. Had the network succeeded, viewers would have seen only one Hulk transformation an episode, fewer feats of strength and the addition of a character who followed David around the country in a mobile home (eliminating the costs of constantly building new sets).

    After "The Incredible Hulk" ended, Bixby went on to star in the short-lived "Goodnight Beantown" and take up several directing projects. At the time of his death, Bixby was directing the television series "Blossom". Ferrigno starred in the short-lived television series "Trauma Center" as well as several theatrical movies, including "Hercules" and "Sinbad".

What Hulk Stories Never Materialized?

  • According to John Kujawski, there was a two hour episode of The Incredible Hulk which was never aired. The episode was apparently discussed in an issue of Starlog magazine which involved David Banner crashing on an island with a bunch of young girls, in a "Lord of the Flies" type adventure. This, apparently was a miscommunication however. According to Ken Johnson himself, no such story was ever filmed.
  • As mentioned earlier, Johnson wanted to do a two hour finale in which David was tried for the murder of Elaina Marks. and the destruction he caused as the creature. This would have resolved everything with Jack McGee, but unfortunately a finale was never filmed.
  • Lou Ferrigno had also hoped to do a show in which the creature could learn to speak, by being taught by another character.
  • JoMaryCo@aol.com wrote in to me that the Star Tech catalogue includes some scripts for unfilmed Hulk episodes. These include:

    - "Trial of Jack McGee"

    - "Eyes of the Beholder"

    - "The Survivors"

    - "Los Indios"

    - "Killer on Board"

    - "David Banner, RIP"

    - "Double Exposure"

    - "The Steel Mill"

What Other Super-Heroes Did The Hulk Meet Up With? 

    In the original series, the Hulk never met up with any other Marvel Comics characters (though the villain in "The Snare" is similar to Kraven The Hunter). Ken Johnson "had trouble with people in funny costumes" and sought to make the series a bit more mature than this.  However, upon relaunching the Hulk into a series of TV movies, Marvel Comics sought to bring several other characters to the small screen. In "The Incredible Hulk Returns", the Hulk met Donald Blake and his alter-ego Thor. Following the success of this film, Marvel signed a deal with NBC to bring at least two more television movies to the screen, starring the Hulk and another character. Daredevil, Iron Man, and the She Hulk were expected to meet up with David in subsequent adventures.

    Rex Smith (of "Street Hawk" fame) played the blind super-hero Daredevil in "The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk", which also featured John Rhys-Davies as the criminal Wilson Fisk (known as the Kingpin in Marvel comics). Marvel had hoped for a Daredevil series to spin off, but it never materialized.

    The film with Iron Man never happened, perhaps because of the costs involved, and the She Hulk never got beyond a few promo shots with Brigitte Nielsen wearing the green makeup. Apparently, both projects were seriously hindered by the lack of a good script in which to carry the new characters.

Another interesting tidbit. In 1984, a few years after THE INCREDIBLE HULK had left prime time, there was an effort made for a new INCREDIBLE HULK adventure that would also feature Nicholas Hammond reprising his role from the CBS Spider-Man television series.

Spider-Man star, Nicholas Hammond, recounted the TV movie that almost was in a recent interview with SFX Magazine:

"I used to know Bill Bixby quite well in those days, we first met on Rich Man Poor Man, a series I did in the 1970's with Bill and Nick Nolte, and we were friends up until his death. Anyhow we used to speak on the phone once in a while and we talked about the problems The Hulk series had ran into and why Spider-Man didn't work. Bill asked me during one of these conversations would I play the part again. My response was only if I could have more control over the character, I wanted to make him more humorous and was interested in doing more of the physical stuff. I felt one of the problems with the series was that the Peter Parker Applied and the Spider-Man, who was played by a stuntman, were so opposite and lots of the believability of the character was lost. Bill liked my ideas and said that he would let me know if anything came up [he had some good connections within Marvel and later New World]. About three weeks to a month later, I got a phone call from Bill saying that he had spoken to Ron Satlof [The Deadly Dust] and he was close to setting up a deal with Columbia Television to start work on a project which featured both Spider-Man and the Hulk. Bill was going to direct, and I was to have writing credits with Stan Lee and Ron Satlof. One of the main problems early on though, was Universal Television weren't prepared to let Columbia have use of the Hulk character and this took a while. Eventually Bill phoned again saying that both networks came to a deal to co-produce the Tele-Movie with Universal having the rights to screen. Things started moving quickly and we got most of the Technical crews from both original series on board and the movie had air date of spring 1984. I was very excited because work had been tight, and as Bill said, this could open doors on the acting front. I also loved the character. Bill was also keen to do it because his private life was in something of a limbo and directing the movie would have really taken his mind of things. The most impressive thing about the movie was to be the costume I was going to wear. It was to be the Black costume used in the comics around this time and it looked alot better than the one in the T.V series. Just as everything was running smoothly, Bill phoned again. "Hi its Bill, Nick. I've got some bad news and some good news. The project has been canceled, Lou is unavailable, Universal won't do the movie without Lou." Lou Ferrigno was in Italy making a Hercules movie and wouldn't be available to make the movie and weren't prepared to wait for him. Personally, I have always thought that this was Universal's own way of canceling the project. If they had just left it to Columbia, it would have got made easily. I was a bit upset because I was looking forward to doing it again and the script was good, and I never got the chance to work with Bill. A shame really."


Why Do Many Hulk Fans Detest The Later Television Movies?

    While it certainly was nice to see some new Hulk adventures in the late eighties when NBC resurrected the great green one for three TV movie adventures, these new films were filled with inconsistencies and problems. While I can't speak for all Hulk fans on their opinions regarding the new movies, here are some general themes that have come up when this topic is brought up. (Thanks to Jeremy Laskey for his help with this section)

    The biggest problem, seemed to be the fact that Kenneth Johnson was not involved. It seemed as though everything the series built up was ignored in these new films. There were also many events which occurred in the new movies which were inconsistent with the original show. Among them:

  • In the "Incredible Hulk Returns" movie, both Thor and the Hulk cannot keep a helicopter from taking off. In the old Hulk episode "The Lottery", the Hulk effortlessly holds a helicopter down without any assistance. Mind you, in the reunion movie,the Hulk was hit with a dart just prior to engaging the Helicopter, but he also had Thor to help him!
  • Jack McGee appears only in the "Incredible Hulk Returns" and no mention is made of John Doe or any information he learned about his mystery man during the run of the series. It was as though four years of chasing meant nothing.
  • In "The Death Of The Incredible Hulk", the Hulk is killed when he falls from a plane. Yet in the Hulk episode "Free Fall", the creature survives a fall from a plane.
  • In "The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk", David has a beard, but when he transforms, the Hulk does not. The series went for consistency between the two characters, this movie avoided it.
  • In the series, David's transformation between man and Hulk did not occur suddenly and required a considerable amount of stress to ignite. In the movies, transformations occur swiftly and suddenly with little buildup.
  • In the "Death Of The Incredible Hulk", Banner remarks "I've never seen it [The Hulk] before", when shown a video tape of the creature. In the series, Banner had seen the Hulk several times in newspaper clippings, through flashbacks and via hypnosis.
  • On a technical note, the movies lacked some of the series' special effects prowress - an appalling problem considering the time passed and budgets of the new movies. The transformation sequences were barely shown in new movies, the Hulk's feats of strength were far less impressive, and Ferrigno's makeup looked worse. The Hulk Episode "Prometheus" looked like it had much better production values  than any of the movies.

Was there any relation between the Incredible Hulk Television Series and the Live-Action Spider-Man Series from around the same time?

Not really. The shows both aired on CBS around the same time and both Spider-Man and the Hulk are characters of Marvel Comics. Different productions companies handled each show and the producers of the Hulk weren't particularly impressed with Spider-Man's production values. The Hulk lasted much longer on television (82 episodes and five seasons) than Spider-Man (13 episodes and two seasons), got better reviews and developed a larger fan base. Interestingly enough, Spider-Man, actually did better than the Hulk in the ratings during the first season of both shows (The Amazing Spider-Man was tied for 19th spot for the 1977/1978 season) but CBS refused to give Spidey the green light to become a regular series.Spider-Man was very popular with small children, whereas the Hulk appealed to a large demographic range.

Hence, while the Incredible Hulk continued to air weekly during the 1978/1979 season, Spider-Man aired spottily every few weeks. Spidey's final episode came in late 1979 with a two hour finale called The Chinese Web, while the Incredible Hulk continued airing until 1982. A few actors appeared as guest stars in both series including Robert Alda, Rosalind Chao, Andrew Robinson and Nicholas Coster. You can visit my Amazing Spider-Man live-action series page by clicking HERE.

Was "The Death Of The Incredible Hulk" The Last TV Movie That Was Planned? 

No. Though the Hulk was killed at the end of "Death Of", there were plans to bring him back to life in a fourth movie. Gerald DiPego (who scripted "Trial" and "Death Of") had written a script for "The Rebirth Of The Incredible Hulk." (also referred to as "The Revenge Of The Incredible Hulk"). NBC had aired the first three reunion movies but, while all had been successful, THE DEATH OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK didn't generate the ratings that the first two had and NBC passed on producing a fourth adventure.Bill Bixby had put the project into pre-production and was negotiating with CBS and ABC to produce it. Bixby became ill during this time and the project was set aside. When prostate cancer claimed his life, the project was dropped. There is reportedly a script of "REVENGE OF THE HULK" floating around the collector's circuit, but I have yet to see it.

Was There Ever A Behind-The-Scenes Documentary Filmed Of The Incredible Hulk?

 Behind-The-Scenes shows like The Secrets Of The X-Files are actually pretty rare in the grand scheme of things. In 2000, the Sci Fi Channel launched a program called SCIOGRAPHY which gave a "Behind The Scenes" perspective on a number of science fiction programs, such as QUANTUM LEAP. The SCI FI CHANNEL had shot footage for an INCREDIBLE HULK documentary, which included interviews with Ken Johnson, Lou Ferrigno, Frank Orsati, Bill Bixby's mother ... and me! It was pretty cool having their crew re-arrange my living room to shoot the footage and there was a funny moment during shooting when my cat tried to scale the black backdrop they placed behind me! They also interviewed a number of INCREDIBLE HULK fans in the LA area.

Unfortunately, just after they'd shot my footage, the SCI FI channel put the entire SCIOGRAPHY series on hiatus and THE INCREDIBLE HULK segment has never aired. So, as of now, there is no official documentary. That being said, "blooper" shots from The Incredible Hulk were shown on "TV's Bloopers And Practical Jokes" and there was a behind-the-scenes story about the series on, of all things, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood! There was also a biography of Bill Bixby's life on E! The True Hollywood Story, A&E's BIOGRAPHY, as well as Heroes and Headliners. Both shows which feature some behind-the-scenes shots from THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

How Did They Create The Hulk's Voice?

Initially, Ted Cassidy did the growls for the Hulk but he passed away in 1979. Later, dubbed animal growls were used for thecreature's throaty screams.

Did A Different Actor Play The Hulk At The Beginning Of The Series? 

No. The Hulk was always played by Lou Ferrigno. They did change his make-up a number of times, however.  This has occasionally led to the impression that someone else played the Hulk. Initially, Richard Kiel was SUPPOSED to play the Hulk, but it always was Lou Ferrigno who actually played the creature.

Kiel actually did a few weeks of shooting on the original TV movie but was dropped from the role in favour of the mighty-looking Lou Ferrigno. According to Ken Johnson, there is one shot of Mr. Kiel in the pilot movie. There's an overhead shot of the Hulk when he pushes over the tree to help the little girl that has fallen in the lake. In that shot (which comes and goes very quickly), you can see Richard Kiel in the Hulk makeup.

Who Played The Demi-Hulk? UPDATED!

The "Demi-Hulk" is an expression used to describe the half-transformed David Banner. For some "demi-Hulk" shots, Bixby, with Hulk Make-Up was used. For others, Ferrigno, with some Hulk make-up was used. For still other shots, wrestler Ric Drasin played the demi Hulk. Ric has his own web-site with a picture of him in the demi-Hulk makeup at: http://www.ricdrasin.com
Who Were Lou Ferrigno's Stunt-Men?Because the risk of Lou Ferrigno getting injured was a real danger for the series, a lot of the dangerous stunts were actually performed by Manuel Perry (another bodybuilding champion) and Pete Grymkowski.

How Can I Contact Kenneth Johnson or Lou Ferrigno? 

You can write to Lou Ferrigno at:

Lou Ferrigno
P.O. Box 1671

Santa Monica, CA 90406

You can  write to Kenneth Johnson at: 

Kenneth Johnson Productions
4461 Vista Del Monte Ave, 

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-2948 

Lou also has a personal web-site located at http://www.louferrigno.com.

While I'm not about to give out Kenneth Johnson's email, I will give you a hint. DVD fans can get it from the DVD release of hismini-series, "V". You have to be patient as it's buried in the 4-hour commentary, but it is there.

What Are Some Of Bill Bixby's Other Roles?


Actor - filmography
(1990s) (1980s) (1970s) (1960s)
1. Diagnosis Murder (1992) (TV) .... Nick Osborne
2. Death of the Incredible Hulk, The (1990) (TV) .... Dr. David Banner
3. Trial of the Incredible Hulk, The (1989) (TV) .... Dr. David Banner
4. Incredible Hulk Returns, The (1988) (TV) .... Dr. David Banner
5. Sin of Innocence (1986) (TV) .... David McGary
... aka Two Young People (1986) (TV)
6. "True Confessions" (1985) TV Series .... Host
7. International Airport (1985/I) (TV) .... Harvey Jameson
8. "Goodnight, Beantown" (1983) TV Series .... Matt Cassidy
9. "Book of Lists, The" (1982) TV Series .... Host
10. Murder Is Easy (1982) (TV) .... Luke Williams
... aka Agatha Christie's 'Murder Is Easy' (1982) (TV) (USA: complete title)
11. Hanna-Barbera Hall of Fame: Yabba Dabba Doo II, The (1979) (TV) .... Host
12. Magic of David Copperfield II, The (1979) (TV) .... Guest Star
13. Incredible Hulk: Married, The (1978) (TV) .... Dr. David Bruce Banner
... aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1978) (TV) (USA)
14. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series .... Dr. David Bruce Banner
15. Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family, The (1977) (TV) .... Dr. David Banner
... aka Return of the Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) (USA)
16. Kentucky Fried Movie, The (1977) .... Himself
17. Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) .... Dr. David Bruce Banner
18. Black Market Baby (1977) (TV) .... Herbert Freemont
... aka Dangerous Love, A (1977) (TV)
... aka Don't Steal My Baby (1977) (TV)
19. Fantasy Island (1977) (TV) .... Arnold Greenwood
20. "Once Upon a Classic" (1976) TV Series .... Host
21. Great Houdini, The (1976) (TV) .... Reverend Arthur Ford
... aka Great Houdinis, The (1976) (TV)
22. Invasion of Johnson County, The (1976) (TV) .... Sam Lowell
23. "Rich Man, Poor Man" (1976) (mini) TV Series .... Willie Abbott
... aka "Rich Man, Poor Man - Book I" (1976) (mini)
24. Apple Dumpling Gang, The (1975) .... Mr. Russel Donovan
25. Barbary Coast (1975) (TV) .... Philippe Despard
26. "Masquerade Party" (1974) TV Series .... Panelist
27. Rex Harrison Presents Stories of Love (1974) (TV)
... aka Short Stories of Love (1974) (TV)
... aka Short Story (1974) (TV)
... aka Three Faces of Love (1974) (TV)
28. Shirts/Skins (1973) (TV) .... Teddy Bush
29. "Magician, The" (1973) TV Series .... Anthony Blake/Anthony Dorian (pilot only)
30. Magician, The (1973) (TV) .... Anthony Dorian
31. Steambath (1972) (TV) .... Tandy
32. Couple Takes a Wife, The (1972) (TV) .... Jeff Hamilton
33. Congratulations, It's a Boy! (1971) (TV) .... Johnny Gaines
... aka So's Your Old Man! (1971) (TV)
34. "Courtship of Eddie's Father, The" (1969) TV Series .... Tom Corbett
35. Speedway (1968) .... Kenny Donford
36. Clambake (1967) .... James J. Jamison III
37. Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding (1967) .... Dick Bender
38. Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966) .... Johnsy Boy Hood
... aka Night of the Tiger (1966)
39. Under the Yum Yum Tree (1963) .... Track Team Coach
40. "My Favorite Martian" (1963) TV Series .... Tim O'Hara
41. Irma la Douce (1963) .... Tattooed Sailor
42. Lonely Are the Brave (1962) (uncredited) .... Airman in helicopter
43. "Joey Bishop Show, The" (1961) TV Series .... Charles Raymond (1962)
Filmography as: Actor, Director, Producer, Notable TV guest appearances

Director - filmography
(1990s) (1980s) (1970s) (1960s)
1. Woman Who Loved Elvis, The (1993) (TV)
2. Baby of the Bride (1991) (TV)
3. Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind (1991) (TV)
4. "Blossom" (1991) TV Series (1992-1993)
5. "Ferris Bueller" (1990) TV Series
6. Death of the Incredible Hulk, The (1990) (TV)
7. Trial of the Incredible Hulk, The (1989) (TV)
8. Incredible Hulk Returns, The (1988) (TV)
9. "Sledge Hammer!" (1986) TV Series
10. W*A*L*T*E*R (1984) (TV)
11. "Goodnight, Beantown" (1983) TV Series
12. "Best of Times, The" (1983) TV Series
... aka "Changing Times" (1983)
13. "Wizards and Warriors" (1983) TV Series
14. "Herbie, the Love Bug" (1982) TV Series
15. "Mr. Merlin" (1981) TV Series
16. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series
17. Three on a Date (1978) (TV)
18. "Charlie's Angels" (1976) TV Series
19. "Bert D'Angelo/Superstar" (1976) TV Series
20. "Rich Man, Poor Man" (1976) (mini) TV Series
... aka "Rich Man, Poor Man - Book I" (1976) (mini)
21. "Barbary Coast" (1975) TV Series
22. Barbary Coast (1975) (TV)
23. "Magician, The" (1973) TV Series
24. "Courtship of Eddie's Father, The" (1969) TV Series
25. "Mannix" (1967) TV Series
Filmography as: Actor, Director, Producer, Notable TV guest appearances

Producer - filmography
(1990s) (1980s)
1. Death of the Incredible Hulk, The (1990) (TV) (producer)
2. Trial of the Incredible Hulk, The (1989) (TV) (producer)
3. Incredible Hulk Returns, The (1988) (TV) (executive producer) (producer)
4. "Goodnight, Beantown" (1983) TV Series (producer)
Filmography as: Actor, Director, Producer, Notable TV guest appearances

Notable TV guest appearances
1. "Blossom" (1991) playing "Cop"(voice) in episode: "Blossom's Dilemma" (episode # 4.8) 10/18/1993
2. "Out of Control" (1984) playing "Himself" 1984
3. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) playing "Michael Cassidy"(uncredited) in episode: "Broken Image" (episode # 3.12) 1/4/1980
4. "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (1966) playing "Himself" 1979
5. "Oregon Trail, The" (1977) in episode: "Scarlet Ribbon, The" (episode # 1.6) 11/30/1977
6. "Love Boat, The" (1977) playing "John Ballard" in episode: "Message for Maureen/The Acapulco Connection/Gotcha" (episode # 1.4) 10/15/1977
7. "Streets of San Francisco, The" (1972) playing "Eric Doyle" in episode: "Police Buff" (episode # 4.15) 1/8/1976
8. "Mannix" (1967) in episode: "Empty Tower, The" (episode # 8.17) 2/16/1975
9. "Ironside" (1967) in episode: "Raise the Devil (Part 2)" (episode # 8.2) 9/19/1974
10. "Ironside" (1967) in episode: "Raise the Devil (Part 1)" (episode # 8.1) 9/12/1974
11. "Streets of San Francisco, The" (1972) playing "Jerry Schilling/Charles Pine" in episode: "Target: Red" (episode # 3.3) 1974
12. "Barnaby Jones" (1973) playing "Alex Chandler" in episode: "To Denise, With Love and Murder" 4/22/1973
13. "Medical Center" (1969) in episode: "Pressure Point" (episode # 4.15) 1/3/1973
14. "Night Gallery" (1970) playing "Noel Evans" in episode: "Return of the Sorcerer, The" (episode # 3.1) 9/24/1972
15. "Night Gallery" (1970) playing "Bruce Farraday" in episode: "Last Rites for a Dead Druid" (episode # 2.52) 1/26/1972
16. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1972
17. "Love, American Style" (1969) in episode: "Love and the Rug" (episode # 2.20b) 2/12/1971
18. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1971
19. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1970
20. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1969
21. "Insight" (1960) in episode: "Poker Game, The" 1969
22. "It Takes a Thief" (1968) in episode: "To Steal a Battleship" (episode # 1.11) 3/26/1968
23. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1968
24. "That Girl" (1966) playing "Himself" in episode: "Apartment, The" (episode # 2.11) 12/5/1967
25. "Iron Horse, The" (1966) in episode: "Appointment with an Epitaph" (episode # 1.23) 2/13/1967
26. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1967
27. "Combat!" (1962) playing "Kline" in episode: "Losers, The" (episode # 5.2) 9/20/1966
28. "Hollywood Squares, The" (1966) playing "Guest Panelist" 1966
29. "Dr. Kildare" (1961) playing "Ben Mollenhauer" in episode: "Balance and the Crucible, The" (episode # 2.29) 5/2/1963
30. "Twilight Zone, The" (1959) playing "OOD" in episode: "Thirty-Fathom Grave, The" (episode # 4.2) 1/10/1963
31. "Lieutenant, The" (1963)
32. "Dr. Kildare" (1961) playing "Dr Grant" in episode: "Soul Killer, The" (episode # 2.9) 11/22/1962
33. "Andy Griffith Show, The" (1960) playing "Ronald Bailey" in episode: "Bailey's Bad Boy" (episode # 2.15) 1/15/1962
34. "Checkmate" (1960) in episode: "To the Best on My Recollection" (episode # 2.11) 12/27/1961
35. "Bachelor Father" (1957) in episode: "Law and Kelly Gregg, The" (episode # 5.14) 12/26/1961
36. "Ben Casey" (1961) in episode: "Few Brief Lines For Dave, A" (episode # 1.7) 11/13/1961
37. "Hennesey" (1959) playing "Intern" in episode: "Welcome Home, Dr. Blair" 10/9/1961
38. "Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The" (1959) playing "Himself" in episode: "Gigolo, The" (episode # 3.2) 9/22/1961

What Are Some Of Lou Ferrigno's Other Roles?


1. From Heaven to Hell (2002)
2. "Black Scorpion" (2001) TV Series .... Slave Master
... aka "Roger Corman Presents Black Scorpion" (2001) (Canada: English title)
3. Ping! (2000) .... Dog Catcher
4. Godson, The (1998) .... Bugsy/Alice
5. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1996) TV Series (voice) .... Hulk
6. Misery Brothers, The (1995) .... Butler
7. Cage II (1994) .... Billy
... aka Cage II: The Arena of Death (1994)
8. Frogtown II (1993) .... Ranger John Jones
... aka Hell Comes to Frogtown II (1993) (USA: video title)
... aka Return to Frogtown (1993)
9. Making of '...And God Spoke', The (1993) .... Cain
... aka ...And God Spoke (1993)
10. Naked Truth, The (1992) .... Fed. #1
11. Extralarge: Jo-Jo (1991) (TV) .... Goodwin
... aka Detective Extralarge: Yo Yo (1991) (TV) (Italy)
... aka Zwei Supertypen in Miami: Der Kleine mit der großen Klappe (1991) (TV) (Germany)
12. Hangfire (1991) .... Smitty
13. Liberty & Bash (1990) .... Bash
... aka Crime Task Force (1990)
14. Death of the Incredible Hulk, The (1990) (TV) .... The Hulk
15. All's Fair (1989) .... Klaus
... aka Skirmish (1989) (USA)
16. Sinbad of the Seven Seas (1989) .... Sinbad
... aka Sinbad (1989)
17. Sanford and the Sun God (1989) .... Ra
18. Cage (1989/I) .... Billy Thomas
19. Trial of the Incredible Hulk, The (1989) (TV) .... The Hulk
20. Desert Warrior (1988) .... Zerak
21. Incredible Hulk Returns, The (1988) (TV) .... The Hulk
22. Avventure dell'incredibile Ercole, Le (1985) .... Hercules
... aka Adventures of Hercules, The (1985)
... aka Avventure di Ercole 2, Le (1985) (Italy)
... aka Hercules II (1985)
23. Seven Magnificent Gladiators, The (1983) .... Han
... aka Sette magnifici gladiatori, I (1983) (Italy)
24. "Trauma Center" (1983) TV Series .... John Six
25. Hercules (1983) .... Hercules
... aka Adventures of Hercules, The (1983) (USA)
... aka Ercole (1983) (Italy)
26. Saturn Awards (1981) (TV)
27. Incredible Hulk: Married, The (1978) (TV) .... The Hulk
... aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1978) (TV) (USA)
28. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series .... The Incredible Hulk
29. Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family, The (1977) (TV) .... The Hulk
... aka Return of the Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) (USA)
30. Pumping Iron (1977) (as Louis Ferrigno) .... Himself
31. Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) .... The Hulk
Filmography as: Actor, Notable TV guest appearances

Notable TV guest appearances
1. "King of Queens, The" (1998) playing "Himself" in episode: "Lush Life" (episode # 4.20) 4/8/2002
2. "King of Queens, The" (1998) playing "Himself" in episode: "Hi-Def Jam" (episode # 4.15) 1/29/2001
3. "King of Queens, The" (1998) playing "Himself" in episode: "Better Camera" (episode # 4.11) 11/12/2000
4. "G vs E" (1999) playing "Himself" in episode: "Sunday Night Evil" (episode # 1.9) 10/10/1999
5. "Conan" (1998) in episode: "Three Virgins, The" (episode # 1.8)
6. "Night Court" (1984) playing "The Klondike Butcher" in episode: "Battling Bailiff" (episode # 2.17) 2/7/1985
7. "Fall Guy, The" (1981) playing "Himself" in episode: "Winner, The" (episode # 4.11) 12/19/1984
8. "Matt Houston" (1982) playing "Steve Ott" in episode: "Blood Ties" (episode # 2.19) 3/2/1984
9. "Fall Guy, The" (1981) playing "Six" in episode: "Trauma" (episode # 3.2) 9/28/1983
10. "Fall Guy, The" (1981) playing "Himself" in episode: "License To Kill" (episode # 1.6) 1/13/1982
11. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) playing "Carl Molino" in episode: "King of the Beach" (episode # 4.9) 2/6/1981
12. "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (1966) playing "Himself" 1979

What Are Some Of Jack Colvin's Other Roles?


Actor - filmography
(1980s) (1970s) (1960s)
1. Child's Play (1988) .... Dr. Ardmore
2. Incredible Hulk Returns, The (1988) (TV) .... Jack McGee
3. "Washingtoon" (1985) TV Series
4. Incredible Hulk: Married, The (1978) (TV) .... Jack McGee
... aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1978) (TV) (USA)
5. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series .... Jack McGee
6. Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family, The (1977) (TV) .... Jack McGee
... aka Return of the Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) (USA)
7. Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) .... Jack McGee
8. Exo-Man (1977) (TV) .... Martin
9. Spell, The (1977) (TV) .... Dale Boyce
10. Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover (1977) (TV) .... Lieutenant Callan
... aka Benny and Barney, the Aristocrats (1977) (TV) (USA)
... aka Las Vegas Undercover (1977) (TV)
11. Amelia Earhart (1976) (TV) .... Wilmer Stultz
12. Embryo (1976) .... Dr. Winston
... aka Created to Kill (1976) (USA: reissue title)
13. Rooster Cogburn (1975) .... Red
... aka Rooster Cogburn... and the Lady (1975)
14. Crazy World of Julius Vrooder, The (1974) .... Sergeant
15. Terminal Man, The (1974) .... Detective
16. Hurricane (1974) (TV) .... Newscaster
... aka Hurricane Hunters (1974) (TV)
17. Stone Killer, The (1973) .... Lionel Henry Jumper
18. Scorpio (1973) .... Thief
19. Hickey & Boggs (1972) .... Shaw
20. Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The (1972) .... Pimp
21. Footsteps (1972) (TV) .... Crowther
... aka Foosteps: Nice Guys Finish Last (1972) (TV) (USA)
... aka Nice Guys Finish Last (1972) (TV)
22. Jeremiah Johnson (1972) .... Lieutenant Mulvey Third Cavalry
23. Monte Walsh (1970) .... Card Cheat
24. Viva Max! (1969) .... Garcia
25. How Sweet It Is! (1968) .... Assistant Chief
Filmography as: Actor, Director, Notable TV guest appearances

Director - filmography
1. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series
Filmography as: Actor, Director, Notable TV guest appearances

Notable TV guest appearances
1. "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) playing "Chandler Hellman" in episode: "Moving Violation" (episode # 7.13) 2/3/1991
2. "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) playing "Harris Atwater" in episode: "Indian Giver" (episode # 4.10) 11/29/1987
3. "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" (1983) playing "Doneck" in episode: "Bad Timing" (episode # 4.15) 2/6/1987
4. "MacGyver" (1985) playing "Abel Makepeace" in episode: "Silent World" (episode # 2.9) 11/24/1986
5. "Hunter" (1984) playing "Michael Varn" in episode: "Set Up, The" (episode # 2.19) 3/25/1986
6. "Westside Medical" (1977) in episode: "Mermaid, The" (episode # 1.7) 7/7/1977
7. "Six Million Dollar Man, The" (1974) playing "Dr. Charles Leith" in episode: "Dark Side of the Moon, The: Part 1" 1977
8. "Six Million Dollar Man, The" (1974) playing "Dr. Charles Leith" in episode: "Dark Side of the Moon, The: Part 2" 1977
9. "Bionic Woman, The" (1976) playing "Baron Constantine" in episode: "Kill Oscar (Part 1)" (episode # 2.6) 10/27/1976
10. "Rockford Files, The" (1974) playing "Preacher" in episode: "Bad Deal in the Valley, A" (episode # 2.22) 3/19/1976
11. "Switch" (1975) playing "Detective Sgt. Colder" in episode: "Case of the Purloined Case, The" (episode # 1.21) 3/2/1976
12. "Six Million Dollar Man, The" (1974) playing "Will Collins" in episode: "Hocus-Pocus" (episode # 3.16) 1/18/1976
13. "Rookies, The" (1972) in episode: "Reluctant Hero" (episode # 4.12) 11/25/1975
14. "Harry O" (1974) playing "Willie" in episode: "Mayday" (episode # 2.7) 10/23/1975
15. "Invisible Man, The" (1975) playing "Williams" in episode: "Man of Influence" (episode # 1.4) 9/22/1975
16. "Six Million Dollar Man, The" (1974) playing "Ed Jasper" in episode: "Look Alike" 1975
17. "Kojak" (1973) playing "Laurie Cherneff" in episode: "Eighteen Hours Of Fear" (episode # 1.16) 2/20/1974
18. "Rat Patrol, The" (1966) playing "Luden" in episode: "One That Got Away Raid, The" (episode # 1.18) 1/9/1967

What Are Some Of Kenneth Johnson's Other Projects?


Director - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s) (1960s)
1. "Venus Rising" (2002) (mini) TV Series
2. Valley of Secrets, The (2002) (TV)
3. Master Race, The (2001) (TV)
4. Don't Look Under the Bed (1999) (TV)
5. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999) (TV)
6. "Seven Days" (1998) TV Series
... aka "Seven Days: The Series" (1998)
7. Steel (1997)
8. Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997) (TV)
9. Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (1996) (TV)
10. Alien Nation: Millennium (1996) (TV)
11. Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (TV)
12. Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994) (TV)
13. Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993) (TV)
14. "Alien Nation" (1989) TV Series
15. Alien Nation (1989) (TV)
16. Short Circuit 2 (1988)
17. Liberators, The (1987) (TV)
18. Shadow Chasers (1985) (TV)
19. "Shadow Chasers" (1985) TV Series
20. Hot Pursuit (1984) (TV)
21. "V" (1983) (mini) TV Series
... aka "V: The Original Mini Series" (1983) (mini) (USA: DVD title)
22. Senior Trip (1981) (TV)
23. Girl Who Saved the World, The (1979) (TV)
24. "Curse of Dracula, The" (1979) TV Series (1979)
... aka "Cliffhangers: The Curse of Dracula" (1979) (USA: series title)
... aka "Dracula '79" (1979) (USA)
... aka "World of Dracula, The" (1979) (USA: alternative title)
25. "Secret Empire, The" (1979) TV Series
... aka "Cliffhangers: The Secret Empire" (1979) (USA: series title)
26. Incredible Hulk: Married, The (1978) (TV)
... aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1978) (TV) (USA)
27. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series
28. Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV)
29. "Bionic Woman, The" (1976) TV Series
30. Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, An (1972)
31. "Adam-12" (1968) TV Series
Filmography as: Director, Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous crew, Composer

Writer - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)
1. "Venus Rising" (2002) (mini) TV Series
2. Valley of Secrets, The (2002) (TV)
3. Master Race, The (2001) (TV)
4. Steel (1997) (written by)
5. Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997) (TV) (developer)
6. Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (1996) (TV) (developer)
7. D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) (story)
8. Alien Nation: Millennium (1996) (TV) (developer) (written by)
9. Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (TV) (developer)
10. Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993) (TV)
11. "Alien Nation" (1989) TV Series (developed for television by)
12. Alien Nation (1989) (TV) (written by)
13. Liberators, The (1987) (TV)
14. Shadow Chasers (1985) (TV)
15. Hot Pursuit (1984) (TV)
16. "V: The Final Battle" (1984) (mini) TV Series (as Lillian Weezer)
17. "V" (1983) (mini) TV Series
... aka "V: The Original Mini Series" (1983) (mini) (USA: DVD title)
18. Girl Who Saved the World, The (1979) (TV) (characters)
19. Incredible Hulk: Married, The (1978) (TV)
... aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1978) (TV) (USA)
20. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series (writer)
21. Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family, The (1977) (TV)
... aka Return of the Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) (USA)
22. Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV)
23. Secret of Bigfoot, The (1975) (TV)
... aka Six Million Dollar Man: The Secret of Bigfoot, The (1975) (TV) (USA: complete title)
24. Bionic Woman, The (1975) (TV)
... aka Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Woman, The (1975) (TV) (USA: complete title)
Filmography as: Director, Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous crew, Composer

Producer - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)
1. "Venus Rising" (2002) (mini) TV Series (executive producer)
2. Master Race, The (2001) (TV) (executive producer)
3. Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997) (TV) (executive producer)
4. Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (1996) (TV) (executive producer)
5. Alien Nation: Millennium (1996) (TV) (executive producer)
6. Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (TV) (executive producer)
7. Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994) (TV) (executive producer)
8. "Alien Nation" (1989) TV Series (executive producer)
9. Alien Nation (1989) (TV) (executive producer)
10. Liberators, The (1987) (TV) (executive producer)
11. Shadow Chasers (1985) (TV) (executive producer)
12. "Shadow Chasers" (1985) TV Series (executive producer)
13. Hot Pursuit (1984) (TV) (executive producer)
14. "V" (1983) (mini) TV Series (producer)
... aka "V: The Original Mini Series" (1983) (mini) (USA: DVD title)
15. Girl Who Saved the World, The (1979) (TV) (executive producer)
16. "Curse of Dracula, The" (1979) TV Series (producer: 1979)
... aka "Cliffhangers: The Curse of Dracula" (1979) (USA: series title)
... aka "Dracula '79" (1979) (USA)
... aka "World of Dracula, The" (1979) (USA: alternative title)
17. Incredible Hulk: Married, The (1978) (TV) (executive producer)
... aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk (1978) (TV) (USA)
18. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series (executive producer)
19. Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family, The (1977) (TV) (producer)
... aka Return of the Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) (USA)
20. Incredible Hulk, The (1977) (TV) (producer)
21. "Bionic Woman, The" (1976) TV Series (producer) (supervising producer)
22. Secret of Bigfoot, The (1975) (TV) (producer)
... aka Six Million Dollar Man: The Secret of Bigfoot, The (1975) (TV) (USA: complete title)
23. "Six Million Dollar Man, The" (1974) TV Series (producer)
Filmography as: Director, Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous crew, Composer

Miscellaneous crew - filmography
(1980s) (1970s)
1. Alien Nation (1989) (TV) (developed by)
2. "Incredible Hulk, The" (1978) TV Series (developed for television by)
3. "Bionic Woman, The" (1976) TV Series (creator for television)
Filmography as: Director, Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous crew, Composer

Composer - filmography
(2000s) (1980s)
1. "Venus Rising" (2002) (mini) TV Series
2. "Alien Nation" (1989) TV Series

Who Are Some Of The Famous Guest Stars Of The Incredible Hulk?

This section includes a brief mention of other films, TV series and mini-series in which the following actors appeared. If the role was a leading role, it is indicated by an "L", if it was a guest-starring role, it is indicated by a "G", and small parts in movies are indicated by an "S". Please note, it is impossible to track the role of every actor or actress on this list and we'd really like to get away from stating that 'actor X was the person holding the plant for five seconds in scene 304 of movie Y'.  To find out more about a specific actor or actress's bevy of roles, please consult The Internet Movie Database.

(Thanks to Marina Bailey for her help with this section.)

  • Mariette Hartley - Star Trek(G), Logan's Run(G), Goodnight Beantown (L)
  • Gary Graham - Alien Nation(L), Robot Jox(L), The Last Warrior(L)
  • Mackenzie Philips - One Day at a Time(L)
  • Marc Alaimo - Star Trek: The Next Generation(G) Deep Space 9(G)
  • Markie Post - Night Court(L), The Fall Guy(L), Hearts Afire(L)
  • Gerald McRaney - Major Dad(L), Simon & Simon (L), Promised Land(L), Touched by an Angel(G)
  • William Daniels - Knight Rider(L), St. Elsewhere(L)
  • Martin Kove - Cagney & Lacy(L) The Karate Kid(S)
  • Loni Anderson - WKRP In Cincinatti(L), Partners in Crime(?), Nurses(L)
  • Gordon Jump - WKRP In Cincinatti(L)
  • Shelly Fabrares - Coach(L), The Donna Reed Show(L), One Day At A Time
  • Pat Morita - The Karate Kid(L), Happy Days(?), Ohara(L)
  • Ernie Hudson - Ghostbusters(S), Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone(S?), The Crow(L), Broken Badges(L)
  • Rick Springfield - Hard To Hold(L), Battlestar Galactica(G), Forever Knight(L - in the first pilot)
  • Stacey Keach Sr. - Pretty Woman(S - minute, in fact)
  • Sherman Hemsley - The Jeffersons(L), Dinosaurs(L?)
  • Kim Cattrall - Police Academy(L), Mannequin(L), Porky's(L?), Star Trek VI(S), Wild Palms(L)
  • Charles Napier - Philedelphia(L), Star Trek(G)
  • Diana Muldaur - Star Trek(G), Star Trek: The Next Generation(L), LA Law(L)
  • John Rhys-Davis: Raiders of the Lost Ark(L), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade(L), Shogun(G), The Living Daylights(S), Sliders (L)
  • Andreas Katsulas - The Fugitive(S?), Star Trek: The Next Generation(G), Babylon 5(L)
  • Caroline McWilliams - Benson(L), St. Elsewhere(G), Shattered Vows(S)
  • Deanna Lund - Land of the Giants(L)
  • Jeremy Brett - Sherlock Holmes(L)
  • Denise Galik - "V"(G), Flamingo Road(G)
  • Diane Civita - "V"(L), Alien Nation(G), Forever Knight(G). She's now going by the name of Diane Carey and is (according to Marina),  married to James D. Parriott.
  • Andrew Robinson - Dirty Harry(L), Hellraiser(L), Deep Space Nine(G), Spider-Man (G)
  • Sherry Jackson - Star Trek(G)
  • James B. Sikking - Hill Street Blues(L), Doogie Howser(L), Star Trek III(S)
  • Meeno Peluce - Voyagers!(L)
  • Rosalind Chao - Deep Space Nine(G), Thousand Pieces of Gold(L) Spider-Man(G), Beauty and the Beast(G)
  • Mickey Jones - "V"(G), Total Recall(S), Starman(S)
  • Mary Frann - Newhart(L)
  • Julie Cobb - Charles in Charge(L), Starman(G)
  • Dana Elcar - MacGyver(L), 2010(S)
  • John Anderson - The Twilight Zone(G), Star Trek: The Next Generation(G), Quantum Leap(G)
  • Mako - Hawaiian Heat(L), Pacific Heights(S), Hawaii Five-O (L)
  • A. Martinez - Santa Barbara(L), LA Law(L),  Profiler(G)
  • Richard Herd - T.J. Hooker(L), "V"(L), Quantum Leap(G)
  • Morgan Woodward - Dallas(G), Star Trek(G)
  • Fred Ward - Remo(L), The Right Stuff(L)
  • Anne Lockhart - Battlestar Galactica(L), Automan(G), Quantum Leap(G)
  • Mark Lenard - Planet of the Apes(L), Star Trek(G), Star Trek: The Next Generation(G), Here Come the Brides(L?)
  • Sam Groom - Otherworld(L)
  • Jared Martin - Fantastic Voyage(L), Dallas(G), War of the Worlds(L)
  • Faye Grant - "V"(L), The Greatest American Hero(G?)
  • Rex Smith - Street Hawk(L), The Sentinel(G)
  • Marta DuBois - Tales of the Gold Monkey(L), Magnum(G), Starman(G), Star Trek TNG(G)
  • Elizabeth Gracen - Marked For Death(S), Highlander(G), Highlander: Raven(L)
  • Marla Pennington - Small Wonder(L)
  • Esther Rolle - Good Times(L)
  • Robert Alda - Spider-Man(G)
  • Thalmus Rulusala - What's Happening(?)

Did Any Actors Or Actresses Appear In More Than One Hulk Episode Or Movie?

Yes ... a few actors and actresses appeared in more than one Hulk adventure, including:
  • Gerald McRaney: "Death In The Family", "Death Mask", "The Disciple", "Ricky"
  • Robert Alda: "Terror In Times Square" and "My Favorite Magician"
  • Laurie Prange: "Death In The Family", "Prometheus"
  • Diana Muldaur: "Homecoming", "Sanctuary"
  • Paul Koslo: "Long Run Home", "Veteran"
  • Carol Baxter: "The Beast Within", "Prometheus"
  • Charles Napier: "The Slam", "Triangle", "The Incredible Hulk Returns"
  • Sandra Kearns: "Jake", "Two Godmothers"
  • Eric Server: "The Incredible Hulk", "Rock And A Hard Place", "Ricky"
  • William Lucking: "The Antowuk Horror", "Dark Side"
  • Mickey Jones: "Ricky", "Long Run Home", "Triangles"
  • Sandy McPeak: "A Child In Need", "Bring Me The Head Of The Hulk"
  • Robert Donner: "Sideshow", The Phenom"
  • Jed Mills: "Broken Image", "Bring Me The Head Of The Hulk"
  • Whit Bissel: "Kindred Spirits", "Promethius"
  • Denny Miller: "Killer Instinct", "The Harder They Fall"
  • Christine Belford: "Wildfire", "Wax Museum"
  • Billy Green Bush: "Wildfire", "The First"
  • Joseph Mascolo: "Brain Child", "The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk

Did Any Of Bill Bixby's Former Co-Stars Appear On "The Incredible Hulk?"


  • Brandon Cruz, the boy who played Eddie in "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father" appeared in the first season episode called "747."
  • Ray Walston, the actor who played Uncle Martin in "My Favorite Martian" appeared in a third season episode called (humorously enough) "My Favorite Magician."
  • Mariette Hartley co-starred with Bill Bixby AFTER they'd worked on "Married" together (in "Goodnight Beantown"). 

 I Want To Find Out More About Bill Bixby. Where Can I Look? UPDATED!

On September 2nd, 2002, I added a biography of Bill's life to this site. For more information, click HERE. Also, there is a terrific site about Bill Bixby located at http://www.sixtiestv.net/bill/default.htm. Biography specials about Bill's life have aired (and are frequently) rerun on E! THE TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY, A&E BIOGRAPHY, and HEROES AND HEADLINERS.
Just How Big Is Lou Ferrigno?

Lou is a very big man, standing 6'5" tall and weighing between 265 and 300 lbs, depending on what he's training for. Unlike Sylvester Stallone, Lou really is a huge man.

When Did Bill Bixby Pass Away?

The world was saddened on November 21st, 1993 when Prostate Cancer claimed the life of Bill Bixby. He is survived by his wife Judith Kliban-Bixby. Bixby was 59 at the time of his death.  Bixby was cremated and his ashes were buried at sea, off the coast of Maui.

Is Lou Ferrigno Still Alive?

Yes he is. Ferrigno did  the voice of the Incredible Hulk in the new animated series on UPN. Lou also trains several stars including Chuck Norris and Michael Jackson as well as performing various acting jobs. Ferrigno currently has guest-roles on "The King of Queens", playing himself.

Where is Jack Colvin these days?

Jack Colvin is teaching acting in California and was interviewed for the E! True Hollywood story on Bill Bixby.

Who played Laura Banner in the Pilot?

The actress who played David's wife Laura in the opening montage of the pilot movie was Dark Shadows star, Lara Parker.


What Causes David To Transform Into The Hulk?

    David's DNA has been altered by the accidental overdose of gamma radiation he received when he took a gamma injection (his term for exposing himself to controlled radiation bursts). Whenever David experiences extreme emotional responses derived from anger, pain or panic, he transforms in the Hulk.

Why Is McGee Obsessed With Capturing The Hulk?

    The character of Jack McGee was modeled after the character of Javert in Victor Hugo's book "Les Miserables." McGee is determined to prevent innocent lives from being destroyed by this "rampaging creature" and to use the publicity to revitalize his stagnating career as a reporter.

    The episode "Mystery Man" shed a lot of light on Jack McGee's obsession with capturing the creature.

Does McGee Ever Find Out David's True Identity?

    No. Initially, McGee believes that the Hulk is simply a monster that's uncontrollable and must be stopped. In the second season episode "Mystery Man", McGee learns that it is a human being that transforms into the Hulk. Throughout the rest of the series, McGee chases "John Doe" (his name for the man in question) and learns to respect the man as a human being, as well as accept the fact that John Doe and the Hulk are very different individuals. McGee never makes the connection that John Doe is really David.

Does Anybody Else?

Yes. On numerous occasions, people David met up with discovered affliction, usually by seeing him un-Hulk. He did, on occasion, tell people that he was the Hulk as well. However, only a few people were privileged with the knowledge that (supposedly deceased) David Banner was the man who became the creature. These included:
  • Emmerson Fletcher
  • Dr. Carolyn Fields
  • his father, D.W. Banner
  • his sister, Helen Banner
  • Dr. Henry Pratt

How Many Times Was David Married?

Twice. David's first wife Laura was killed in a car accident prior to the pilot. He married Dr. Caroline Fields at the beginning of the second season, but she died as a result of her infliction with a tragic disease. Throughout the series and TV movies, David has been involved with several other women, but those were his two official marriages.

Other Trivial Questions

Did The Hulk Ever Fight Any Animals?


  • in "Death In The Family", the Hulk battles a bear.
  • in "Of Guilt, Models And Murder", the Hulk fights a pack of Dobermans.
  • in "The Beast Within", the Hulk battles a gorilla.
  • in "Jake", the Hulk wrestles a bull.
  • in "Like A Brother", the Hulk scares off a panther.

In a number of other episodes, the Hulk was also a friend to animals. In Rainbow's End, he leads a horse out of a burning building. In The Snare, he puts several baby birds back into their nest. In A Solitary Place, he pets a wild rabbit, and in Two Godmothers, he plays with a small dog.

Why Was Stephen Spielberg Not A Big Incredible Hulk Fan?

    Action shows in the late 70s and early 80s often used stock footage from other movies and television shows as a means of cutting costs. "The Incredible Hulk" was no exception, and often made use of stock footage, especially during its early episodes. This practice managed to aggravate director Stephen Spielberg.

The famous director attacked the series and producer Kenneth Johnson over the use of footage from his television movie "Duel" in a Hulk episode called "Never Give A Trucker An Even Break." While Spielberg was unable to take legal action (Universal Studios owned the rights to "Duel" and "The Incredible Hulk"), he subsequently modified his contracts on future projects to include a clause which protected them from being used as stock footage in other films.

    One ironic point: The Incredible Hulk later appeared in an episode of the Stephen Spielberg series "Amazing Stories." The episode, entitled "Remote Control Man" had the Hulk jump right out of the tv set and smash up the living room of the man watching the television!

Where Can I Order The Videos Of The Incredible Hulk  Television Series? UPDATED

!With the onset of the upcoming Ang Lee movie, THE HULK, other video manufacturers are starting to recognize the phenomenon by releasing older HULK adventures starring Bixby and Ferrigno on video and DVD. These include:

  • THE INCREDIBLE HULK and MARRIED - By Universal Pictures



Columbia House recently began offering twenty episodes as part of their RE-TV lineup

To get the latest updates on Hulk video releases, click here!

Do You Know Anything About The Incredible Hulk Theatrical Movie, Currently In Development?

You bet! After something like nine years of development hell, this big budget adaptation is currently filming in California and is due for a Summer 2003 release. Actor Eric Bana will be taking on the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, with Jennifer Connelly ("A Beautiful Mind") playing his love interest, Betty Ross.Lou Ferrigno will have a cameo, as will Hulk creator, Stan Lee. The Hulk himself will be computer generated. For more information, click here, or visit the official movie site.


Where Can I Get A Soundtrack To The Incredible Hulk?

You're in luck! Ford Thaxton, one of the people who helped contribute to a much earlier version of this FAQ has been involved in having a soundtrack to the series released on CD. As of  September 2002, the CD is available but act quickly: this is a limited promo item. For more information about the CD, please click HERE.

Where Can I Get Sheet Music For The Piano Theme That Played At The End Of Every Show? 

The sheet music for "Lonely Man" (the piano theme in question) does exist and should be orderable through any music store. Joseph Harnell, the composer of "Lonely Man", sells autographed sheet music for this song through his website.  Another option, if you're a fan of MIDI sequencing, is to load a MIDI file of the theme  into a program like Cakewalk and print out the sheet music on your printer.

In How Many Shows Did The Hulk Run Down "That Alley?"

"Final Round", "Captive Night", "Metamorphosis",  "Kindred Spirits"

What Are Some Of The Aliases David Used In The Series?

Bailey, Ballant, Balon, Banion, Bannister, Barker, Barnes, Baron, Barr, Barrett, Barton, Baxter, Becker, Beckwith, Beddiger, Bedford, Beeman, Beldon, Bellemy,  Beller, Belson, Beemon, Benchely, Benedict, Bennet, Bennings, Benson, Benton, Bernard, Bernett, Betson, Bettman, Betton, Bishop, Blackwell, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blakeman Bosky, Bowman, Bradburn, Bradshaw, Bramer, Breck, Brennan, Brent, Breyman, Brown, Burnett, Burns, Butler

Can You List Some Of The Feats Of Strength Performed By The Television Hulk?

Though not as strong as the comic-book Hulk, the Hulk in the series performed many impressive feats of strength, including:
  • Smashing through brick walls
  • Overturning cars
  • Snapping chains
  • Kicking over a mobile home
  • Spinning a ferris wheel
  • Holding down a helicopter
  • Overturning a tank
  • Smashing through countless doors
  • Throwing many people across a room
  • Lifting up a jury box filled with jurors
  • Overturning a fork-lift
  • Breaking out of a freezer
  • Uprooting large trees
  • Roaring at people, thereby creating a gale-force wind
  • Stopping a bus with his two hands
  • Breaking a giant boulder in half
  • Breaking out of a safe.
  • Punching through a several feet of concrete
  • Lifting an elevator
  • Resisting a car crusher in a junkyard
  • Bending steel bars
  • Tipping a crane
  • Breaking a football helmet
  • Wrestling a bull to the ground

What Things Caused David To Transform Into The Hulk?

  • Getting beaten up (most common)
  • Electrocution
  • Intense frustration
  • Having a car collapse on him
  • Being hit by a car
  • Being attacked by animals (snakes, dogs, scorpions, bears)
  • Nightmares
  • Being shot
  • Sinking in quicksand.
  • Drowning
  • Being poisoned.
  • Involvement in a car accident.
  • Struggling to break free of restraints
  • Being buried alive
  • Traffic jams
  • Extreme heat
  • Hypnosis
  • Fires
  • Being trampled
  • Personal injuries
  • Being caught in a printing press
  • Landslides

Where Else Has The Hulk Aired Besides The United States?

The Incredible Hulk, though produced in the United States, was aired in nations all around the world. Among the confirmed nations that aired the Hulk:
  • The United States
  • Canada (in english and in french)
  • Britain (the pilot movie was also released theatrically)
  • South Africa (shown briefly in the mid-80's)
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Scotland
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Panama
  • Chile
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Argentina

Were There Ever Articles Written On The Incredible Hulk In Magazines?

You bet! There are a few in the INTERVIEWS AND ARTICLES section of  THE INCREDIBLE HULK Television Series Page. There are also others out there if you feel like digging. Note, to add an article to this list, please email me with the specifics.
  • Marvel Age: 103, 104
  • Boston Sunday Herald (Celebrity section). Bixby Slows Down. January 24, 1982.
  • Comics Scene. Death Of The Incredible Hulk. A TV Movie Comes Not To Praise The Green Giant, But To Bury Him. Issue # 12. April, 1990.
  • Muscle Mag.The Incredible Hulks. Issue #13. March, 1979.
  • Starburst. Small Screen Superheroes: The Hulk. Volume 1, Number 4.
  • Starlog. Superheroes On TV. Issue # 12. March, 1978.
  • Starlog.The Incredible Lou Ferrigno: The Hulk Speaks. Issue # 28. November , 1979.
  • Starlog.The Incredible Hulk. Despite Studio Obstacles, The Green Goliath Remains ... Incredible. Issue # 39, October, 1980.
  • Starlog.Lou Ferrigno, Muscling Into Acting. Issue #78. January, 1984.
  • Starlog Presents: Batman & Other Comics Heroes. Green Sleeves. 1997 issue.
  • TV Guide. If the Phone Rings at Midnight, It Must Be Bill Bixby. July 28, 1979
  • TV Guide.How I Saved the Hulk From Killer Bees. February 20, 1982.
  • TV Guide. - 3/12-18/83 - story on Brenda Benet that talks about her divorce
  • from Bixby, the death of their son, and her suicide.
  • TV Guide. Can This Really Be The End? Bill Bixby Returns With 'The Death Of The Incredible Hulk'. February 17, 1990.
  • TV Week (The Washington Post). The Hulk Is Back! That's Incredible. May 22, 1988.
  • US magazine - July 11. 1978, cover story with cover color picture of Hulk

  • with arms around David's neck.  Story on Bixby, small side story on Stan Lee.

Where Can I Find The Incredible Hulk Drinking Game? UPDATED!

Some of you may remember that "The Incredible Hulk" Drinking Game was originally part of this F.A.Q. Since that time, we made the executive decision to shorten the FAQ a little and have the drinking game stand on its own. If you want to play Marina's Incredible Hulk Drinking Game, click here! 
Is There An Incredible Hulk Episode Guide?

Yes, there are actually several episode guides. If you're looking for a magazine version, you have two choices. The first appears in Starlog # 43 (February, 1981). Its a decent episode guide with a lot of pictures. The trouble is that it doesn't go past season three of the series. Your next bet is Epi-Log #6 (May, 1991). It includes all the seasons of the series and all of the television movies except for (oddly enough) 1988's The Incredible Hulk Returns. Of course, if you want to read these episode guides, you have to track the magazines down and that can be tricky.

For more immediate information, you also have a few choices.

Where Can I Get Incredible Hulk Merchandise? UPDATED!

This can be tricky, especially since The Incredible Hulk went off the air 16 years ago. In all honesty, the best bet is to keep your eyes peeled. Visit the local comic book conventions in your area. Also, visit memorabilia shows. I managed to get a couple of Hulk promo photos by doing this. You can also try contacting the Sci-Fi channel, because they have released Hulk promo photos since they began airing the series. Another bet is to scour E-Bay for auctions of Hulk memorabilia. Keep in mind that E-Bay is often extremely over-priced, so enter at your own risk!

About This FAQ And Its Authors 
Do You Tape Hulk Episodes For Fans? UPDATED!

Not usually. I simply don't have time to honour all the requests I get - plus, it gets really expensive! For more information, please click HERE!

Why Are There So Many Different Versions Of The FAQ Floating Around The Internet?

    The Incredible Hulk Television Series FAQ originally began as a posting to usenet groups on the Internet. The response was enthusiastic but a side issue developed. People started taking the FAQ and posting it on their web sites and in FTP sites. While this was flattering, it was also problematic in that different versions would be posted on different sites, leading to a lack of consistency. As a result, there are now only two sites licensed to carry the most current versions of the FAQ. They are The Incredible Hulk Television Series Page and Marina's Incredible Hulk Page. Any other sites are effectively posting obsolete FAQs and are doing so without our permission.

Why Did You Take So Long To Update The FAQ? Why Does Mark Take So Long To Write Back?

    When I started the FAQ, I was just starting second year University. My workload quickly increased and by the time I was in my final two years at school, I had a number of intense fourth year courses, a job, and an honours thesis to contend with. It wasn't until my last year of University that I had my own computer. Prior to that time, all modifications to the FAQ were done on a University Library computer. Time was really an issue, which is why the FAQ was neglected for a while. A few people did write in, angrily complaining that I wasn't updating my page. I can understand the frustration and am glad there is such enthusiasm for the series, but I do hope they'll consider a couple of points. First, remember that earning a University Degree is time-consuming. Second, this FAQ is really just a hobby. We don't earn money from it. If we had a budget and a team of Hulk experts/HTML coders being paid to update the page, you probably would have seen more frequent updates. But the reality is, it's just a hobby. Thanks for understanding.

    Same thing with the email. I did try to keep up with all the Hulk email, but it got really difficult at times. I did, however, keep every email letter that was sent and did try to incorporate all the information that was included by fans in this new FAQ. Now that I'm done University, I have a lot more time to correspond. Please feel free to drop me a line.

Can I place the FAQ up on my web-site, FTP site, or in a usenet group?

While we do find it flattering when people want to post the FAQ around the Internet, we must request that everyone refrain from posting the FAQ on any web-site, USENET group, FTP site or anywhere else. There are two reasons for this.

1) Difficulty in Maintaining The FAQ. As mentioned previously, we had a lot of problems in terms of keeping people aware of the most recent versions when there were dozens of sites carrying older versions without our permission. Two sites are easy to keep up to date. Twenty sites are nearly impossible.

2) Plagiarism. The Incredible Hulk Television Series FAQ was created through hundreds of hours of hard work. There have been a few instances where the FAQ was posted on a web-site by less than honest individuals who also took away all credits for the FAQ and attempted to pass it off as their own hard work. This is known as plagiarism and it is both illegal and insulting. The FAQ is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express, written permission of the authors. We do check the internet regularly to ensure this isn't being done and we will complain to system administrators if plagiarism occurs. Sorry for the legal mumbo jumbo but it really stings when someone rips off your work and tries to call it their own.

Please Note: There Are Only Two Sites On The Internet Licensed To Carry The Incredible Hulk Television Series "Frequently Asked Questions." They are The Incredible Hulk Television Series Page, located at http://www.incrediblehulktvseries.com and Marina's Incredible Hulk Page, located at http://tmar.za.net/hulk.htm.

Can You Add More Pictures, Sounds, And Movie Files To The FAQ? UPDATED!

The FAQ was designed to be largely an "information" document, which is why it doesn't contain a lot of pictures, sounds, or movie files. However, we did receive a lot of email requesting these things. If you're looking for audio-visual media,  we have a couple of places to go hunting for Hulk media.

What are your favorite/least favorite episodes?

We have received a few letters over the years from Hulk fans wanting to know which episodes of the Incredible Hulk we like and don't like. If you want a quick summary of some popular and unpopular episodes among four of the biggest Hulk-fanatics, have a look here.
Mark Rathwell's Favorite Hulk Episodes:
5. The Snare (Season 3)

4. Homecoming (Season 3)

3. Married  (Season 2)

2. Prometheus (Season 4) 

1. The Incredible Hulk (Season 1)
Mark's Least Favorite Episodes:
5. Triangle (Season 5)

4. Never Give A Trucker An Even Break (Season 1)

3. Fast Lane (Season 4)

2. Slaves (Season 5)

1. The Phenom (Season 5)
Marina Bailey's  Favorite Hulk Episodes:
5. Metamorphosis (Season 3)

4. Haunted  (Season 2)

3. The Psychic (Season 3)

2. Homecoming (Season 3)

1. Married (Season 2)
Marina's Least Favorite Episodes:
5. Long Run Home (Season 3)

4. Of Guilt, Models, and Murder (Season 1)

3. Falling Angels (Season 3)

2. Babalao (Season 3)

1. The Lottery (Season 3)
Dave Jones' Favorite Hulk Episodes:
5. The Final Round (Season 1)

4. Married (Season 2)

3. Prometheus (Season 4)

2. The Incredible Hulk (Season 1)

1. The First (Season 4)
Dave's Least Favorite Episodes:
5. On The Line (Season 3)

4. Slaves (Season 5)

3. Triangle (Season 5)

2. The Phenom (Season 5)

1. Sanctuary (Season 5)
Bryan Kennedy's Favorite Hulk Episodes:
5. The First  (Season 4)

4. The Snare (Season 3)

3. Prometheus (Season 4)

2. Married (Season 2)

1.The Incredible Hulk (Season 1)
Bryan's Least Favorite Episodes:
5. Babalao (Season 3)

4. Danny  (Season 4)

3. The Phenom (Season 5)

2. Rainbow's End (Season 2)

1. On The Line (Season 3)

Problems with this FAQ? Additions to make? Suggestions?

We don't pretend to know everything there is about the Incredible Hulk. If you have comments you want to make about this FAQ if want to make additions, suggestions or modifications; or if you just want to chat about the show, please direct your comments to Mark Rathwell.

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