October 28th, 2009

  • The old discussion forum has been disabled, but thanks to Doug and James' fast action, it now lives in a new home. To visit it, click here.

June 3rd, 2008

  • The new INCREDIBLE HULK movie (which was shot in Toronto and Hamilton, not far from where I live) is debuting in theaters on Friday June 13th. Despite the unlucky day, let's show our support for the big green guy and make his new film a success. Watch the trailer here!
  • In honor of the new movie, Universal has released the third and fourth seasons of THE INCREDIBLE HULK tv series, complete with special holograph front covers. The two seasons include a number of great new features including a "behind the scenes look" at the show, commentaries by producer Kenneth Johnson on "PROMETHEUS", production photos and more. My copies arrived last night and I hope to have more details soon.If you haven't heard a Kennth Johnson commentary, you're definitely in for a treat. The fifth season is rumoured to be out this fall.
  • Purchase the third season from Amazon.com by clicking here.
  • Purchase the fourth season from Amazon.com by clicking here.
  • We've passed a million visitors! Thanks for all your support over the years!

July 22, 2007

  • While I anxiously await the arrival of my second season DVDs from Amazon.com (they must be tied up with all the HARRY POTTER and THE DEATHLY HALLOWS orders), Hulk fan Will Hadcroft has good news for the UK fans ... the second season DVD set is being released on September 24th, 2007 in the UK. It's on pre-order status now at PLAY.COM.

May 12, 2007

  • Hulk fan, Ian Reimen was kind enough to scan in an interview with Lou Ferrigno from an issue of WIZARD magazine last year. The scanned article can be foud in the Interviews and Articles section.


May 12, 2007

  • It's confirmed. THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Season Two is coming to DVD on July 17th, 2007. Click here to order it from Amazon.com.
  • Added a number of pictures to the FAN PICTURES section of the fan-lounge.
  • As some of you know, the last year of my life as been a bit crazy with getting married, starting a new job and moving to a new country. I'm slowly trying to get back into "the swing" of things in my very limited amount of spare time. Slowly adding pictures to the site, replying to emails etc. Thanks for your patience.

Feb 26, 2007

  • THE INCREDIBLE HULK -- Season Two is coming to DVD in mid 2007, according to tvshowsondvd.com. They write:
  • Searching For a Way to Tap Into KJ's Season 2 Extras?
    Posted by David Lambert

    Back in November we posted a story with Ken Johnson's update about the 2nd Season DVDs of The Incredible Hulk. At the time it was said that "Kenny has heard unofficially that Season Two will likely be released in mid-2007." Now the same page at Ken's official site has been updated with new info, confirming that timeframe, and describing Ken's participation in the release:

    The Season Two will be released in mid-2007. Kenny is recording an on-camera interview for it and supplying rare, behind-the-scenes photos.

    Our thanks to reader Frank Farmer for the heads-up about that info. Stay tuned and we'll bring you more info about this highly anticipated release, just as soon as we get it!

July 18th, 2006

  • THE INCREDIBLE HULK -- Season One is now available on DVD, complete with a cool holographic cover of David Banner transforming into a creature.
  • Hulk fan, James Peyton reports that Kenneth Johnson has been asked by Universal Studios to appear at the San Diego Convention Center on
    Thursday, July 20, 2006 for the Comic-Con, presumably in promotion of the new DVD release.
  • James has his own video tribute to the Hulk, found here.
  • A lot of people have been asking me about other videos and DVDs of episodes from other seasons. There are many illegal bootlegs on the internet and on auction sites like Ebay. The only commercial releases are THE INCREDIBLE HULK season one and THE INCREDIBLE HULK Ultimate Collection as far as sets go. In addition, there is the pilot/married on DVD, as well as the three post-series movies on DVD. Anything else is likely an illegal bootleg originating from a tv broadcast and it's best to beware.

April 23rd 2006

I'm back from New Brunswick, moving my fiance back home following the conclusion of her contract position. Now for a few, overdue updates. Thanks to everyone who wrote about the first exciting announcement!

  • According to Kenneth Johnson's website, Universal Home Video will be releasing Season One of THE INCREDIBLE HULK on DVD on July 18, 2006. The box will include the movie pilot with a full length commentary by Ken Johnson (producer), an interview with Lou Ferrigno, "The Hulk" and possibly a gag reel! The Suggested Retail Price is $39.99 US
  • Episodes on the set include
  • The Incredible Hulk TV Movie Pilot
  • Death in the Family
  • The Final Round
  • The Beast Within
  • Of Guilt, Models and Murder
  • Terror in Times Square
  • 747
  • The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas
  • Never Give a Trucker an Even Break
  • Life and Death
  • Earthquakes Happen
  • The Waterfront Story
  • Stop The Presses (Bonus episode from season 2)
  • For updates, be sure to check www.tvshowsondvd.com on a regular basis!
  • Added a picture of Richard Doherty, Vance Doherty, TJ Doherty and Doug Doherty to the fan lounge.
  • Added a link to Johnny Johansson's Hulk page.
  • Ian Reimen reports that Montreal television station, prise2, is showing THE INCREDIBLE HULK in french.

November 30th, 2005

  • Some sad news today.Yesterday, Jack Colvin, the actor who played Jack McGee in THE INCREDIBLE HULK passed away. This story appeared in USA TODAY
    Hulk' actor Jack Colvin dies at 71
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actor Jack Colvin, best known for his role as tabloid reporter Jack McGee in the 1970s television series The Incredible Hulk, has died. He was 71.

    Colvin died Thursday in North Hollywood of complications following a stroke, said his longtime friend, actress Maaren Edvard, an instructor and administrator at Michael Chekhov Studio USA West, which was founded by Colvin.

    "Jack was, in every sense of the word, a consummate artist," Edvard said. "He wrote, painted and read philosophy, but he always came back to acting."

    Colvin appeared in numerous TV shows, including The Rat Patrol,Kojak,The Six Million Dollar Man,The Rockford Files,Cagney and Lacey and Murder, She Wrote. He also had minor roles in several films, including Scorpio and Rooster Cogburn.

    He had a long history as a stage actor when he was approached about the Hulk role in 1977. The series, based on the Marvel Comics character, aired on CBS until 1982.

    "When they told me the title, I laughed. But then they gave me two scripts to read and I knew the series would go," he once told the Los Angeles Times.

    In the show, as in the comic book, a lab experiment that went awry caused a mild-mannered scientist to turn into the green, muscular Hulk every time he lost his temper.

    "People identify tremendously with the frustration, the rage and the anger that breaks out in a man," Colvin once said.

    The actor, who once studied under Chekhov, taught the Chekhov technique at USC; California State University, Northridge; the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Central School of Cinematography in Rome.

    He was teaching acting two days a week and working on an original play, A Day of Jubilo, at the time of his death, Edvard said.

    He had no immediate survivors. A memorial service is planned for January.

November 30th, 2005

Kenneth Johnson, the man who brought THE INCREDIBLE HULK to the airwaves in 1977, is working on his own official website. Link to it here or by visiting the links section.

November 27th, 2005Just a couple updates after a long delay. My job is keeping me busy as is my upcoming wedding. Hopefully a couple of updates over the holidays. Just answered a bunch of email too. But don't worry -- I'm not abandoning the site ... THE INCREDIBLE HULK television series page was just renewed for two more years and is celebrating ten years on the web in 2006! Happy holidays!

  • Updated the fan lounge to the new location of the discussion forum that this site shares with BryansHulkPage.com
  • Added a new picture to the Fan Pictures page of Dominic Graziano as "the Hulk".
  • Added a picture of Barbara Eckles meeting Lou Ferrigno.

September 10th, 2005

Added a link to Philip Horsburgh's Hulk page, which has come back online. Click here to visit directly or find it in my Links page.

June 25th, 2005

On July 14th, 2005, Joseph Harnell passed away from Heart Failure. Joe was the legendary composer of the INCREDIBLE HULK soundtrack and will always be remembered for the infectious "Lonely Man" piano theme that played at the end of every episode of "THE INCREDIBLE HULK". Rest in peace, Mr. Harnell.

Grammy Award-winner Joe Harnell, the $100,000 pianist on the
nighttime version of The $100,000 Name That Tune in 1977, died July 14
of heart failure.

Known for both his work as a jazz pianist and orchestra leader,
Harnell won four Grammys for his album "Fly Me to the Moon," his most
honored of 18 albums.

He studied under legendary conductor/composer Aaron Copland and
received a major break in television in 1967 when he took over for
Ellie Frankel as the bandleader on The Mike Douglas Show. He was
Douglas's musical director for six years.

Born in 1924 in the Bronx, Harnell was considered a child musical
prodigy and began touring at the age of 19 with Glenn Miller's
orchestra during World War II.

At one time, Harnell was an arranger or conductor for Frank
Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Pearl Bailey and Judy Garland.

When Name That Tune went to a $100,000 format in the 1976-77
season where $15,000 winners returned the following week for a chance
to identify one tune for $100,000, Harnell was one of two pianists who
played the big-money mystery tune for hopeful contestants.
He went on to compose more than 400 hours of music for films and
television, doing scores for The Incredible Hulk, Santa Barbara and
Alien Nation.


March 15, 2005

THE INCREDIBLE HULK is now airing on Canada's PRIME NETWORK on Wednesday's at 10:00 PM.

October 13, 2004Added a link to the new INCREDIBLE HULK site, www.hulk2.comNews from several European fans: The French channel AB1 is now broadcasting THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Universal Pictures has lowered the price of the INCREDIBLE HULK ORIGINAL TELEVISION SERIES PREMIERE DVD to only $9.99 US. Check it out at Amazon.com! Anchor Bay Entertainment has also lowered the price of their INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS/TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK DVD to $9.99. Also orderable from Amazon.com.

Incidentally, I saw both titles on sale at Walmart Canada for $6.98 CDN.

May 22nd, 2004

Lou Ferrigno and Linda Carter will be interviewed in an upcoming issue of BACK ISSUE magazine. The press release is here.

TV’s Wonder Woman and Incredible Hulk in Exclusive Interviews BACK ISSUE magazine spotlights Super-Hero Cinema of the ’70s and ’80s

Long before Tobey Maguire and Halle Berry donned tights, Lynda Carter and Lou Ferrigno saved the day as Hollywood’s favorite heroes!  BACK ISSUE magazine spotlights the 1970s’ Wonder Woman and Incredible Hulk TV series in its August issue. 

She’s a wonder, that Lynda Carter, and she takes off her tiara and lets her hair down in an all-new, in-depth interview, including sidebar chats with co-star Lyle Waggoner, guests Cloris Leachman and Frank Gorshin, and other show personnel. Then there’s a photo-filled look at Marvel Comics’ live-action TV versions of The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and Dr. Strange, with TV-Hulk Lou Ferrigno muscling in for an exclusive interview.

Other articles include: the scoop on previous attempts to bring The Teen Titans to the screen, as well as other unproduced super-hero cartoons; an interview with Mark Goldblatt, director of the original Punisher movie; an examination of Star Trek comics; Amazing Spider-Man artist John Romita’s editorial on the various screen versions of the wall-crawling hero; a TV Wonder Woman art gallery; a showcase of art by Superman and Fantastic Four illustrator Jerry Ordway; an extensive guide to super-heroes on DVD; and more.

Bolstered by painted flip covers of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman by Alex Ross (best known for his four interlocking TV Guide covers featuring characters from Smallville) and Adam Hughes (Tomb Raider), BACK ISSUE #5 packs a powerful punch!

Edited by Michael Eury, BACK ISSUE celebrates the best comics and comics media of the 1970s and 1980s.  Issue #5 retails for $5.95 and will be available in comics shops in mid-July.  Internet orders can be placed at www.twomorrows.com/backissue/05.html.

Hulk fan, Kelly Johnson has created some nice sketches of David Banner and The Incredible Hulk. See them in the fan art section. THE INCREDIBLE HULK ULTIMATE COLLECTION DVD set is now out in Europe, in Region 2 DVD format. The video for Edgewater's debut single "Eyes Wired Shut" (featured on the Punisher soundtrack) is online and it stars Lou Ferrigno, and has a cameo by Stan Lee! You can check it out at http://www.edgewaterband.com/video.html. Hulk fan and and fearless forum moderator, Doug Bardsley has launched his own spectacular site dedicated to the INCREDIBLE HULK comic book. Check it out at http://www.hulkcomicpage.com/Lou Ferrigno has once again donned the green paint to play the Hulk in an Italian cellphone commercial. To see the clip, visit http://www.privati.tim.it/delivery/file/0,,1073,00.zip


March 7th, 2004

DejaView Canada to air INCREDIBLE HULK marathon! The DejaView Canada digital and cable satellite TV network in Canada willbroadcast an 8 hour marathon of INCREDIBLE HULK episodes from 2:00 p.m. EST to 10:00 p.m. EST. on Sunday, March 14, 2004. Th schedule is as follows: 2:00 p.m. EST Of Guilt and Murder3:00 p.m. EST Like A Brother4:00 p.m. EST The Disciple5:00 p.m. EST Metamorphosis6:00 p.m. EST The Magician7:00 p.m. EST Broken Image8:00 p.m. EST King of the Beach

9:00 p.m. EST Triangle


January 25th, 2004

Attention Canadian INCREDIBLE HULK fans. Deja-View, the digital cable and satellite specialty channel is airing THE INCREDIBLE HULK six days a week, apparently IN ORDER and uncut! As with other specialty channels of this type, they re-air individual episodes about three times a day so you have the opportunity to catch them on more than one occasion. They just began season three with yesterday's airing of METAMORPHOSIS. On weekdays, THE INCREDIBLE HULK airs at 1:00 PM, 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM EST. On Saturdays, THE INCREDIBLE HULK airs at 9:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 1:00 AM. The show doesn't air on Sundays. There are reports that the Sci Fi channel is going to air five more episodes of THE INCREDIBLE HULK on February 19th, 2004, starting at 11:00 AM. While not the strongest lineup of Hulk's, the episodes on the schedule are: SIDESHOW, LONG RUN HOME, FALLING ANGELS, THE LOTTERY, THE PSYCHIC.

The Bill Bixby Spirit group is campaigning to get Bill Bixby's pre-INCREDIBLE HULK series, THE MAGICIAN, released on DVD. If you also want to see the adventures of anthony Blake make their way to DVD, feel free to cast your vote at tvshowsondvd.com

January 11th, 2004 Happy New Year! As usual, I haven't had much opportunity to update the site. I have a lot of ideas, but they're still a few weeks away from fruition.One request: I've had a few people send me in fanfictions, asking if I can post them. I love adding them to my site, but one request: please finish them first! This ensures that other Hulk fans won't be left waiting to read the thrilling conclusion of your masterpiece!Hulk fan, Esther Jacobs, knows how to celebrate Halloween. Click here for more info!Ang Lee's film, THE HULK (2003) earned more than $245 million at the worldwide box office and has been successful on DVD. Despite some questions about its "blockbuster" status, it seems as though the movie has been profitable enough to warrant the production of a sequel. Added in a review of HULK (2003) by Hulk Fan, Matthew Moore. Read it by clicking here.For Christmas, I received a copy of Marvel Encyclopedia Volume 3 - THE INCREDIBLE HULK. It's a cool book about the character by Kit Kiefer. And despite the fact that the author thinks Lou Ferrigno is only 6 feet tall and that he yanked a lot of info from this site without properly referencing it, it's still a great read. The author has a fun sense of humour and dedicates 14 pages of the book and a lot of picture space to the Hulk TV show specifically.European fan, Chris Warwick reports that two boxsets of Hulk episodes are now available on DVD for European fans. They are:

The Incredible Hulk: Volume One - Search for a Cure
1. Rainbow's End
2. Another Path
3. The Disciple
The Incredible Hulk: Volume Two - The Legend of the Hulk
1. The First - Part One
2. The First - Part Two
3. Kindred Spirits

August 17th, 2003Information about the contents of the 6-DVD set has been released When the set hits the streets, it will contain the following INCREDIBLE HULK episodes:Disc 1: Rainbow's End, Another Path, The Disciple Disc 2: 747, Death in the Family Part 1, Death in the Family Part 2 Disc 3: The First Part 1, The First Part 2, Kindred Spirits Disc 4: Stop the Presses, Mystery Man Part 1, Mystery Man Part 2 Disc 5: The Psychic, Prometheus Part 1, Prometheus Part 2 Disc 6: Dark Side, Deep Shock, The Harder They Fall The Suggested Retail Price is $69.98 U.S.Ang Lee's $135 million dollar film adaptation of THE HULK is also coming to DVD on October 28th, 2003.

While THE HULK did not perform as well at the box office as initially expected, newspaper reports calling the $135 million dollar movie a "bomb" must have a pretty broad definition of what a "bomb" is. The film has made about $220,000,000 at the boxoffice worldwide and has either already turned a profit or will do so when the DVD hits the streets in October. Marvel Comics has announced that a "Hulk 2" is in the works. Perhaps those critics don't realize what a "bomb" is and would do well to remember epic flops like CUTTHROAT ISLAND or THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH (both films with $100,000,000 production budgets that earned less than $5 million at the box office) before ascribing the "bomb" label on our green friend.

August 6th, 2003

According to DavidDVD.com, a six DVD boxset of THE INCREDIBLE HULK is coming out in October! Their description reads: "DON'T MAKE THIS BOX ANGRY
Just in from Universal Home Video is The Incredible Hulk: The Television Series Ultimate Collection . Due on October 21st, this six-disc box set will feature fullscreen transfers and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono audio tracks. An exact episode listing (or whether this is a first season set) hasn't been released yet, but the actual discs are titled "The Search for a Cure" (disc 1), "The Race Against Time (disc 2), "The Legend of The Incredible Hulk (disc 3), "The Jack McGee Files (disc 4), "The Beast Within (disc 5), and "The Hidden Powers of The Incredible Hulk" (disc 6). Each disc also lists a running time of approximately 145 minutes. We'll let you know more about this release as soon as information, as well as artwork, comes in. Retail is $69.98. "

July 19,th 2003Lou Ferrigno's biography, MY INCREDIBLE LIFE AS THE HULK, is now available for order on his website. Click here for more information.Ang Lee's movie THE HULK has had a disappointing box office performance. While its worldwide box office take is more than $170 Million, its important to remember that this film cost upwards up $150 million to make and tens of millions more to market. In addition, remember that the studio does not see all of the box office gross - distributors and theaters take their share. While I have no doubt that THE HULK will probably be a profit-generating movie with worldwide box office receipts and DVD/video sales, its anemic performance is putting the movie in jeopardy. Translation: If you haven't seen it, go!For those of you who've been wondering if the Sci Fi Channel will re-air THE INCREDIBLE HULK, they are. A new site has been launched. I'm a bit annoyed that their episode guide has many elements directly lifted from mine without so much as asking, but I'm glad the show is back on the air.

It's been a very busy summer, so I'm behind with DVD reviews and Hulk movie reviews. Hope to have smoothing up early next week.

June 19th, 2003THE HULK is set to open in less than 24 hours across the globe, and I'll be heading out to see it like Hulk fanseverywhere. Look for a review this weekend!Exciting news: Lou Ferrigno is publishing a new book, called, MY INCREDIBLE LIFE AS THE HULK. A cover is attached. Lou will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel live on Monday June 23rd to discuss the book. The new book also includes forwards by Hulk creator Stan Lee and by Hulk movie director, Ang Lee.The press release is as follows: In November 1977, television history was made when Universal Television and CBS introduced the world to Doctor David Banner (Bill Bixby), a scientist researching the untapped potential for strength that all humans possess. The reckless and determined Dr. Banner submits himself to an experiment involving dangerous dosages of gamma radi?ation with tragic results. Thereafter, in times of great stress or anger, David Banner mutates into an uncontrollable, green-skinned engine of destruction (Lou Ferrigno). Haunted by his alter-ego and pursued by investigative reporter Jack McGee (Jack Colvin), David Banner most go on the run until he can find a cure for his condition.
The Incredible Hulk was an immediate hit among viewers, capturing the imagination of all ages and demographics with its potent mixture of action, drama, and social commentary. Through five seasons on network television, The Incredible Hulk developed a devoted fan following that continues to grow.
My Incredible Life as the Hulk is the first and only book dedicated to the series. Written by the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, My Incredible Life As the Hulk is more than simply a memoir of one man's experiences; it is an inside look at the popular series and the profound effect that the character has had on the general public.  With a bevy of photographs, revealing stories, and forewords by Hulk creator Stan Lee and Oscar winner Ang Lee, director of the feature film version of the Hulk, My Incredible Life As the Hulk is a unique journey into a modern myth.
My Incredible Life As the Hulk
Lou Ferrigno
8X10; 176 pages
ISBN: 0-9643739-0-4
Release Date: July, 2003
Copyright © 2003 by Lou Ferrigno Enterprises, Inc.


The July issue of STARLOG magazine has a five page story on the old INCREDIBLE HULK television series. The author also references and thanks my good buddy, Bryan, of www.bryanshulkpage.com. Congrats on a job well done, Bryan! The acknowledgement is richly deserved!

June 3rd, 2003With the Ang Lee movie, THE HULK, only a few weeks away from theatrical release, Hulkamania is coming to a hilt! Hulk toys, Hulk magazines and Hulk interviews are now appearing everywhere.The DVD release of THE INCREDIBLE HULK pilot and MARRIED hit the streets today across North America. While the extras aren't quite as impressive as they were on Anchor Bay's release of THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS/THE TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK, these two classic Hulk adventures are a nice buy: the quality is nice, they contain scenes often deleted in syndication and Kenneth Johnson's commentary is as captivating as always. Universal Picture's "Ask Lou Ferrigno A Question" contest has ended. You can see the answers to the selected questions here.I've updated the LINKS section, making sure the links are up-to-date, adding the most current site-captures, and adding some new links.

I've added a terrific piece of fan art by Brian Postman to the FAN ART section.

May 13th, 2003

I realized recently that, thanks for digital cable, my tape trading list is out of date. I've updated it by removing things I taped off of cable or acquired. I've also changed the conditions slightly.

May 10th, 2003The Anchor Bay release of THE TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK and THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS is widely available and it rocks! The special features are quite cool and the overall quality of picture/sound/packaging/presentation is a lot more professional than those hokey Top Ten New Media DVD's that surfaced in Walmart last year.I've updated the links section to include links to the new Universal Pictures Hulk DVD site and also the Anchor Bay Hulk site.

I've added two new video clips to the MULTIMEDIA section. The first is a clip from MARRIED, which features extended footage of one of the transformation sequences (thanks, Keith) while the second is a clip from THE FIRST which showcases the battle between David's Hulk and Frey's Hulk.

May 1st, 2003Some folks have reported that the ANCHOR BAY release of THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS and THETRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK has hit stores early, so keep your eyes peeled. I'm getting my review copy and should be able to do a thorough review of the new release shortly.If you're like me and don't mind spoilers about the upcoming movie, THE HULK, you may be in luck. Ballentine Books has released Peter David's in-depth novelization of the upcoming summer blockbuster. David is well known to the world of the Hulk, having written one of the most runs of the comic series, as well as several Hulk novels. In addition, David wrote the terrific novelization of last year's smash, SPIDER-MAN and also helped to select the episodes of the live-action series that Columbia House released on video a few years ago.

There are reports that a new HULK trailer will appear before X2 when it hits theatres tomorrow. And, as per usual, you can download the clip from the Apple Quicktime site.

April 27th, 2003in 1980, Lou Ferrigno visited Chili to promote THE INCREDIBLE HULK in that market. Marcelo Cid has beenkind enough to provide 9 pictures from that visit. You can view them in the picture gallery.

Cover art for the upcoming FOX DVD release of THE DEATH OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK has surfaced. The release date is also June 3rd. May and June are going to be eventful for Hulk fans! No pre-order information has been announced as of yet, but I imagine it should start appearing on places like Amazon.com shortly.

April 26th, 2003Universal Pictures has revealed the details of their upcoming INCREDIBLE HULK/MARRIED DVD. The package will be available on June 3rd, 2003 and will feature a number of extras, including a full commentary by Kenneth Johnson.In promoting the new package, Universal Pictures is sponsoring a "Submit A Question To Lou Ferrigno" contest. Contestants can earn $603 at their favorite online retailer, or win a prize pack containing the upcoming DVD and a copy of the INCREDIBLE HULK video game. For more details, click HERE.

Since the DVD of two of my favorite Hulk adventures is forthcoming, I've updated the multimedia section of my site with details about the upcoming release.


April 22nd 2003Anchor Bay Entertainment has launched their official site to promote their upcoming DVD release of THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS and THE TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK. The new site contains photos from the movies, wallpaper and artwork for the DVD case. Click here to visit that site!Fox has jumped onto the bandwagon and is releasing THE DEATH OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK on DVD in June, just in time to capitalize on the new movie! Thanks for the info, Jody!There's a new international trailer of Ang Lee's upcoming Hulk movie, with lots of cool footage of the CGI Hulk. Click here to see it!Added a bunch of pictures from the new trailer to the HULK MOVIE section.

Added a picture of forum moderator, James Clancy, to the FAN LOUNGE.

April 9th, 2003

Universal Pictures put out an official press release for their upcoming INCREDIBLE HULK DVD. It's as follows:

Press Release  Source: Universal Studios Home Video
Universal Studios Home Video Announces 'The Incredible Hulk: Original Television Premiere' Unleashes on DVD
Wednesday April 9, 5:44 pm ET
The Program That Launched A Legend Is Unleashed June 3, 2003 Just Two Weeks Before HULKMANIA Hits Theaters
Includes Exclusive Offer to See Universal Pictures' THE HULK for Free
UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Unleash the beast within! "The Incredible Hulk: Original Television Premiere" will be released for the first time on DVD on June 3, 2003, just in time for fans pumped up to see the Universal Pictures blockbuster motion picture THE HULK, which storms into theaters on June 20.
A must-have for fans interested in learning about the story of Dr. David Banner and the events that led to his transformation into the creature known as The Incredible Hulk, the DVD contains the landmark original television series pilot and much more awesome entertainment. The DVD is priced at $19.98 S.R.P. ($14.95 M.A.P.) and the VHS is priced at $14.98 S.R.P. ($9.95 M.A.P.). The pre-order close date for both is April 29.
In addition to the original two-hour series pilot, "The Incredible Hulk: Original Television Premiere" DVD packs a lot of power with these incredible highlights:
     -- FREE movie mail-in rebate!  Available only with a rebate form
        contained in every "The Incredible Hulk: Original Television Premiere"
        DVD when accompanied by a ticket stub for THE HULK.
     -- Exclusive Hulk Sneak Preview!  A behind-the-scenes look into the
        making of THE HULK with director Ang Lee and stars Eric Bana and
        Jennifer Connelly.
     -- A special introduction by Lou Ferrigno, popular star of "The
        Incredible Hulk" TV series.
     -- A Special Bonus Episode!  Available only on the DVD is "Married," an
        extra two-hour episode of "The Incredible Hulk" featuring Mariette
        Hartley, who won a 1978/79 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
        Emmy for her portrayal of psychiatrist Carolyn Fields, marking the
        first time a sci-fi-themed show won an Emmy award in a non-technical
     -- Hot extras including an audio commentary on "The Incredible Hulk"
        TV pilot and "Married" bonus episode from director Kenneth Johnson,
        the theatrical trailer for THE HULK feature film, and a trailer for
        THE HULK interactive game.
                          NATIONAL MARKETING SUPPORTUniversal Studios Home Video will support the release of, "The Incredible Hulk: Original Television Premiere" DVD/VHS with a national media campaign including television, radio, and Internet advertising. The national media campaign will include promotional spots airing on the Sci-Fi Channel's "Making of THE HULK" Special airing the week of June 15th and contained in 200,000 Del Rey THE HULK e-books.
"The Incredible Hulk" became a popular television series with critics and audiences alike and ran on CBS from 1978-1982. Based on the Marvel comic, the show featured actor Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner, a brilliant scientist, haunted by the tragic death of his wife Dr. Elaine Marks (Susan Sullivan) in a random car accident.
Plunging himself into his research, Banner investigates people who display freakish amounts of strength under times of great stress. But after an experiment with gamma rays goes awry, he is transformed into a seven-foot-tall green creature whenever provoked by extreme anger. The series also featured bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno as his Hulk alter ego and Jack Colvin as his nemesis, newspaper reporter Jack McGee.
"The Incredible Hulk" (Series Pilot)
Following the tragic death of his wife in a fiery car accident, physician David Banner becomes obsessed with learning the key to the hidden strength that all humans possess but only demonstrate in situations of extreme stress. With his long-time friend and colleague Elaina Marks, David interviews a number of subjects who demonstrated superhuman strength in situations similar to the accident which claimed the life of his wife. One night, he discovers that all of his subjects demonstrated this enhanced strength during times when gamma radiation levels from the sun were unusually high. Excited about his discovery, David bombards himself with gamma radiation, hoping to endow himself with unearthly strength. At first, the experiment seems to have no effect on his physical condition, but while changing a tire after an accident, Dr. Banner injures his hand, causing him to scream in pain. Suddenly, a startling metamorphosis occurs, causing the scientist to transform into a raging, green, seven-foot creature, with superhuman strength. Realizing that that this violent affliction is brought on by situations of extreme anger or frustration, David seeks to reverse his condition with help from Elaina. Creating problems, however, is a nosy tabloid reporter whose investigation of the mysterious "Hulk" leads to a tragic series of events.
"The Incredible Hulk" (Married)
Dr. David Banner travels to Hawaii to enlist the aid of Dr. Carolyn Fields, a psychiatrist whom he believes will be able to help him control his transformations into the raging "Hulk" creature. When David learns that she is stricken with a terminal illness, he agrees to offer his expertise in exchange for hers. As the two work closely together, they begin to form a bond and fall in love. But will this romance be wrought with tragedy?
Universal Studios Home Video is a unit of Universal Pictures, a division of Vivendi UNIVERSAL Entertainment (VUE) ( www.universalstudios.com ), the U.S.-based film, television and recreation entity of Vivendi Universal, a global leader in media and communications.
For further information please contact: Evan Fong, Executive Director, +1-818-777-5540, or Vivian Mayer, SVP, Publicity, +1-818-777-3594, both of Universal Studios Home Video


April 5th, 2003

In anticipation of the upcoming Ang Lee movie, THE HULK, Dynamic Forces has created some new INCREDIBLE HULK themed sculptures. The first is of our green hero. The second is of his comic-nemesis, the leader. The press release is as follows:

April 4, Runnemede, NJ -- Dynamic Forces brings you the best of the best with our unbelievable busts coming your way in June!
First up, Dynamic Forces presents the Classic Green Hulk Diorama -- This bad boy is huge! This Incredible Bust features the Hulk on a mound of discarded books trying to figure out how his Jekyll and Hyde personality works, reading the actual Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book, as he contemplatively rubs his chin.  Only problem is, the book's upside down…

This incredibly detailed bust features amazing details, beautiful colors and the Hulk.  Check out the colors, will truly be one of the most incredible collectibles in your collection. 
Designed by Pablo Viggiano and Juan Bobillo sculpted by Pablo Viggiano and painted by Alejandra Jorquer the Green Hulk "Big" Busts stands over 8" tall and 9" from front to back! Strictly limited to just 1963 production units in the world this 40th Anniversary Bust will truly be the centerpiece of your collection!

As if the Hulk were not enough this month, DF brings you the Leader 8" Bust -- the ultimate tribute to the mad genius and deadly nemesis of the Incredible Hulk.
Appearing way back in Tales to Astonish #62 and #63, The Leader went on to establish himself as one of the Incredible Hulk's most deadly foes! Created by the same Gamma Rays that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk the Leader turned his newfound and deadly intelligence towards a quest for total world domination. Now the first-ever Leader Bust is being produced by Dynamic Forces!

Standing 8" tall atop a very cool and very retro base the Leader was designed by Juan Bobillo and sculpted and painted by the team of Joy and Tom Snyder! Strictly limited to just 1965 production units in the world (the year the Leader first appeared back in Tales to astonish) this magnificent creation is set to dominate your bust collection (just keep him away from your Hulk Busts these two have never gotten along)!
For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases - including more Marvel and Incredible Hulk product, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

April 3rd , 2003

Hulk producer Kenneth Johnson recently wrote me with this exciting tidbit:

"Dear Mark...
I knew you'd like to hear that I'm about to record a commentary for both the Hulk Pilot and the Married two-hour for summer release on DVD.
I plan to mention your web site in the commentary.
In going back to look at them after nearly 20 years I was very pleased to discover that (except for the bellbottoms) they are quite timeless and really hold up well.
I hope the fans will agree. Also, you might be interested to learn that I've just concluded a deal with Warners and NBC to create a sequel to my mini-series V (also now on DVD -- and selling far beyond Warner's expectations -- they've shipped over 250,000.)
Thanks again for your continued loyalty to my work.
Best... Kenny"

In addition to these DVD's coming out in the summer, Anchor Bay's INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS/TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK DVD is coming out on May 6th a few weeks ahead of the Hulk movie new theatrical movie. Check out thisclose look!Because of these new releases, I've updated the HULK ON VIDEO and DVD section. Added a video clip to the Multimedia section from AMAZING STORIES. Watch THE INCREDIBLE HULK come out of the TV set into the living room of a middle aged man!Added some new pictures to the HULK MOVIE section. While I did read a review which said that the Hulk resembled "Shrek on steroids", I'm still looking forward to the movie.Added a few pictures to FAN ARTWORK section.

I've added some pictures of our fearless forum moderators, Doug Bardsley and Ian King to the FAN PICTURES section.

February 16th, 2003I updated the fan lounge with six pictures sent in by INCREDIBLE HULK fansAdded a new article to the Interviews and Articles section, from Pizzazz Magazine in 1978Added a link to the trailer for Ang Lee's upcoming film, "The Hulk" in the HULK MOVIE section.Added a second fan fiction story, courtesy of David Alberto Velásquez to the FAN LOUNGE.

Hopefully I'll be able to do some more updating soon. We just moved and I'm up to my ears in boxes!

December 25th, 2002For those who celebrate Christmas, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays.Universal Pictures has begun to release promotional material for Ang Lee's Hulk movie, scheduled for release on June 20th, 2003. This site has been selected by Universal to help with the promotion and I intend to start adding material in the next few days. The banner on the opening screen of my site will take you directly to the official page.Amazon.com is listing THE INCREDIBLE HULK pilot movie as being available for pre-order on DVD, though no further information seems to be available.

Anchor Bay's upcoming INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS/TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK DVD is supposedly going to hit the streets in the second quarter of 2003.

November 11th, 2002 I want to thank everyone who has sent in pictures and content since I updated the site. I hope to have the new material live soon.

Bryan and I have decided to merge our discussion forums. The new forum is available in the fan lounge.

September 12th, 2002

I added Shawn's INCREDIBLE HULK page back into the LINKS section, after thinking that this amazing site had been taken down.

Some visitors have reported problems seeing the video clips in the multimedia section. I'm running a test on one of the clips in the dicussion forum of the fan lounge. Please stop by and try the test out.

September 7th, 2002.

Added six wallpapers - each in three different resolutions - to the multimedia section of the site.Added a biography of Bill Bixby. Please visit the Introduction section to access this new feature.There are 19 new INCREDIBLE HULK video clips in the multimedia section, including the spoof of the show done on THE SIMPSONS. This brings the total to more than 30 video clips.For those who are interested, I've added a section about the new INCREDIBLE HULK theatrical picture that's coming out in 2003.Cleaned up the LINKS section.Added THE INCREDIBLE HULK - ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION to the LINKS section.Updated the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS document. Added a link to the official movie site for the forthcoming Ang Lee movie, THE HULK to the LINKS section.Added some useability functions to the EPISODE GUIDE. Added a list of the TOP TEN QUESTIONS that I get asked by INCREDIBLE HULK fans. Added THE INCREDIBLE HULK ON VIDEO AND DVD section.Pictures in the EPISODE GUIDE are now 20% larger than before. Adjusted the overall site so that the layout remains consistant at screen resolutions above 1024 x 768.Added the FAN LOUNGE. The discussion forum, the live-chat room, fan-fiction, and unfilmed scripts are now located in this section.Created a section dedicated to FAN ARTWORK in the FAN LOUNGE. Created a section dedicated to FAN PICTURES in the FAN LOUNGE. Added David Alberto Velásquez Estrada's untitled fanfic to the FAN FICTION section of the FAN LOUNGE.Added a link to THE HULK HYPE in the LINKS section. Added a longer "transformation" sound to the MULTIMEDIA section, courtesy of HULK FAN, Barry Chapman.Added nine new clippings of vintage INCREDIBLE HULK ads to the PICTURE GALLERY. Thanks to Shawk Parihk for providing them!I was experimenting with iMovie 2 and created an 8 minute INCREDIBLE HULK movie. Called, THE POWER OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK, it features 8 minutes of some of the most exciting action clips from the series and is set to music from the Hulk series. To download it, visit the MULTIMEDIA section. I've updated my requirements for TAPE TRADING.

The "Other Fun Stuff" section will be down for a few days.


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