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7 Best Pen Brands In India – Our Most Favourite Picks

Writing is not just a process, but an art that has influenced the lives of millions of people. We know more than a few people who take care of their writing instruments. According to experts, writing instruments like pens and pencils play a significant role in improving your handwriting and writing skills. India is a big country, and we have a lot of people writing in school and colleges. Starting to write from an early age will make you a good writer and also will help you have good writing. 

Be it the school or college student, or the business professional; everyone needs a solid pen to write anytime. Even when most of our work is online, we still use the pen for writing on papers. In India, we have a lot of great pen brands that manufacture and sell some fantastic pens. As many people don’t know about these best pen brands, we are going to help you get some information about the same. In this post, you’ll get all the information about the best pen brands in India. 

pen brands india

Top 7  Pen Brands in India

#1 – Parker

Parker is one of the biggest pen brands all around the world. With high-quality fountain pens in the market, Parker is a well-known brand amongst the people of all age groups. Parker pens are excellent and expensive at the same time. They are luxurious and the high-end pens used by the professionals and the businessmen. Not just that, Parker has some affordable pens in the Indian markets, which are suitable for regular use. 

#2 – Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the king of the pens and the writing instrument market. With the stunning and beautiful pens, you will get the top-notch pen that makes everything better. From the ballpoint pens to the fountain pens, you’ll get everything from Mont Blanc. It’s a luxurious pen brand, which has some affordable pens in the market. But still, the affordable range is not suitable for the students, but only for the businessman and the working professionals. With the Mont Blanc pens, you can flaunt and show-off your style statement in front of your colleagues or friends. 

#3 – Camlin 

Camlin is one of the oldest Indian stationery company that manufactured the ink back in the days. Camlin founded in 1931, which makes it one of the oldest Indian companies. With the paints, fountain pen inks and the classic ball pens, we have everything to use from Camlin. With special pens for students and professionals, this pen brand has become a well-known name in India. With high-quality ink and colourful pens, we always love using Camlin Kokuyo pens and stationery products. 

#4 – Shanghai Hero

By the name of the brand, you may have guessed it right. Shanghai Hero is a Chinese brand, which is one of the best pen brands in India nowadays. With the high-quality and beautiful fountain pens, they have made their mark in the Indian stationery market. Shanghai Hero makes some beautiful fountain pens that are gold-plated. With the luxury pens covered, they also have some entry-level pens, and that’s why the Indian youth is preferring Shanghai Hero pen over the others. 

#5 – Pilot 

The pilot pens are some of the best ones in the world. The Pilot offers a wide variety of pens that makes your writing experience better. From the ballpoint pens to the fountain pens, that have captured every section and launched some good quality pens. We usually prefer high-end pens suitable for designing. With the soft sponge tip, writing and drawing with the pilot pens becomes easier than you would have imagined. Most of the civil and electrical engineers prefer using the pilot soft-nib pens to write and make the diagrams. 

#6 – Cello 

How can we forget Cello pens when talking about the best pen brands in India? Cello is one of the biggest and the best pen brands in India. According to our research, the company has more than a few thousand varieties of pens available in the market. From the cheapest ball pens to the high-end luxury pens, you’ll find everything from Cello in the Indian markets. The best thing about Cello is that the majority of the pens from this brand are affordable. School students and college students prefer using Cello pens. In short, you’ll find the Cello pens everywhere in India. 

#7 – Reynolds 

Just like the Cello, Reynolds is another big brand in India, which manufactures a lot of pens. Reynolds specializes in the Gel pens, which are easy to write with. They glide on the paper and make your writing experience smoother. Not just that, the Reynolds brand manufactures a lot of affordable pens, which are common amongst the youngsters. In short, this brand fits in this list of the best pen brands in India. 

Final Words 

In India, almost everyone used the pens for writing their name, exams or simply the signature. As India is a big country, we have a lot of pen brands available in the market. But in this post, we tried our best to list only the superior and the best pen brands in India. When shopping for the new pen online or in the shops, don’t forget to check out any of these brands for the best quality pens. 


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