GTA San Andreas Mobile Version Review

Grand theft Auto or more commonly known as GTA is one of the greatest PC games to have been created. The gen z is missing out on some of the greatest moments in the lives of gamers where GTA was played with a passion. For nostalgic reasons more likely, Rockstar has decided to bring GTA to our phones for a price.

Those unfamiliar with GTA, the concept is simple, it is an open-world game that has a storyline to it. As the story follows through you are required to complete missions, you are also allowed to steal cars and shoot people. It is extremely popular with the youth and is still one of the most referenced names of the time.

In the San Andreas world of GTA, you play the character of an ex-gang banger named Carl and you return home to avenge the death of your mother. The whole setting is the same as every other version where you will have to roam about until your mission is set, you can buy houses, pick up hookers and so on. In the 2GB space occupied by the game on your mobile phone, you are introduced to an open world that will keep you on your toes with every gameplay. You can even drive around with no missions and collect what you need along the way.

In the Android version of GTA San Andreas, everything is pretty much the same but compressed in a phone. The graphics have been modified and the controls have been tweaked to accommodate the features of a touch screen. Apart from that, there is not a lot of difference, it remains the beloved game of 2004. The fact that Rockstar finally released an android version after being mum on its update was quite surprising for many as the release was unexpected. For the longest time, android users were jealous of the iOS owners as the game could be downloaded on their devices.

The game and the storyline are quite long which is enjoyable and there are also a few side missions or side hustles that you can complete along with the story.

The graphics are as always impeccable, the other feature that needs to be highlighted are the controls and the setting that have been modified to suit the needs of Android and iOS respectively, also the cloud save support can help maintain our progress.

 The in-app tag in the Play store app will directly take you to the creators ‘Rockstar’s’ website where you can purchase merchandise.

The downside to the mobile gaming experience of GTA San Andreas is, the screen controls do take a while to get used to and does not feel as smooth as it should. You will have to change the game settings because otherwise, it will lag in between which is annoying. 

A lot of effort has been put into bringing this version of GTA into our compact devices, just a few normal problems, but nothing that paints the game in a bad way. The price of the game may be a source of complaint about some who wants to experience it for free, but in defense of the company, the price they are charging for this game is quite cheap considering all the hard work they put into the storyline and graphics of the game and it is a catch.

The cons of GTA that have been repeated throughout the years, but somehow make this game unique are the curse words, the sexualized depiction of women and violence. These three factors have gotten a bad rapport in the books of parents who don’t want their children “exposed” to such factors because of the influence it has on them. The game has received a lot of flack for it but it still has not damaged the reputation of the game so far so, guess it is good to go. The hype around the game is still alive but it is met with a lot of competition right now. Game developers are coming out with new games every minute, in such a day and age where people are not shy to explore any idea, what is the relevance of a game like GTA and how will it sustain among all the other relevant games that are coming out for free? The simple answer at the moment would be Nostalgia, the only way GTA has sustained longevity is through the memories it brings back because another backhanded opinion that has been talked about is that this game has nothing to offer but the same old storylines that have been continually presented throughout the years. The developers are trying their best to keep up their relevancy through their additional tweaks and enhancements. The complaints usually are geared toward the payment aspect, android users whine about not having a game where they could virtually explore and spend time on and then they continue to not appreciate GTA.

To finalize a verdict, Rockstar has been keenly listened to the needs of their players and have gone to great lengths to present us with a good game that will keep us constantly entertained. The textures and graphics have been so neatly advanced that it is hard to differentiate the game from its original version. It is just as fun as the PC version, but it is hard to say if it is equally as good because the controls would seem much smoother when you play on your PC than when you play on your mobile phones. 


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