How Many of These Scary Halloween Movies Have You Seen?

Ah, it’s that time of the year again; time to engage ourselves with carving spooky jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins, attend funky costume parties, pull a bunch of horror pranks. Halloween is a special occasion every year, one that leaves us with a lot of good memories and amazing stories to tell in the future. People also like to watch scary movies on Halloween, so here’s a list of some good halloween movies. Check out the list to find out How Many of These Scary Halloween Movies Have You Seen.

The Guest(2014)

Directed by Adam wingard, this is a cracker jacker of a movie that gets wackier as it goes along. Things start changing for the Peterson family when a mysterious soldier(played by Dan Stevens), claiming to be their deceased son’s friend who was in the army, comes to their lives. It has a vibe of an 80’s movie, like a mix between Terminator and a John Carpenter movie. With it’s synth score and neon lighting, this throwback thriller is a blast to watch.


If you are a fan of slow burning, existential horror films, this movie is for you. The story of people getting killed when they see some eerie video on the internet may seem like another one of those “OMG! Internet is scary!!” movies, but this is a much smarter movie than the plot description may lead you to believe.

It’s creepy and gets under your skin, and it’s a very good meditation on the alienation of youth in our society. It may not have the sort of thrills that you expect from a standard horror movie, but it’s effectively scary and rewarding intellectually.

The Others(2001)

Acclaimed Spanish Director Alejandro Amenábar’s first English feature film The Others is a period – horror/haunted house movie. Grace, played by Nicole Kidman, after some dubious situations, becomes convinced that her house is haunted. She fears for her and her photosensitive children’s lives. This movie not only delivers in terms of spooky imagery and awesome scares, but it also has a very satisfying climax that will make the rewatch of this movie more rewarding. This is all led by an outstanding performance from Nicole Kidman.


With its bone chillingly scary opening, Sinister hooks you right from the beginning. It’s a haunted house movie about a True-Crime writer Ellison Oswalt(Ethan Hawke), who movies into a new house with his family. This movie has the jump scare trope that’s used ceaselessly in modern horror movies. But in this, the build up is very good and has a great atmosphere so when the scare comes it’s actually really effective.

The Thing(1982)

Now this one is a classic! Directed by John Carpenter, this is an excellent thriller/horror movie. Set in the snowy mountains of Antarctica, this is a story of a shape shifting alien that terrorizes a group of people in a research team. This is a movie that taps into a specific sense of paranoia and gets nerve-wracking tense as it moves forward.

Directed with panache by John Carpenter at the peak of his power, with a powerful score from the legendary Ennio Morricone, this would be a great watch for Halloween.

The Ring(2002)

If you want to know what a supernatural horror movie directed by David Fincher looks like, check out this movie. Directed by Gore Verbinski this movie’s shot composition, tension building is very much like one of Fincher’s movies. Remake ofJapanese horror movie Ringu, it’s about a young journalist(Played by Naomi Watts) who starts to investigate a mysterious tape which kills its viewers in seven days and during which her son accidentally sees the tape. The movie is sort of a ticking time bomb where the suspense is maintained till the end. Check this one out as one of your Halloween night movies.

28 Days Later(2002)

Directed by Danny Boyel on a shoestring budget, this zombie movie takes place in London— where most of the population is wiped out by a deadly virus, and the surviving folks are hunted by the undead. This is a thrilling, scary, suspenseful movie without sacrificing the human element. Great performance from the cast, especially Naomie Harris, grounds the characters, thus making us care about them through their journey for survival.


This movie has a great hook: A deaf and mute woman hunted by a masked killer through her house. This has some incredibly suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat moments with good violence all packed in lean and mean 83 minutes. People complaining about movies being long have a perfect movie for themselves!

The Cabin in the Woods(2011)

Horror Comedies are hard to do. But even more difficult is doing a self-aware satire of the genre while also completely respecting it. Director Drew Goddard and writer Joss wheadon have somehow pulled it off. This movie makes fun of various tropes in horror movies in a smart way without being annoying. It’s nice to see a movie which can deliver thrills and giggles, a nice choice for your Halloween watch.


Watching horror movies during the Halloween season is an awesome way to celebrate it. The experience will just get better if you watch it with a group of people. So, keep the spirit of Halloween alive by checking out some awesome scary flicks!


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